Best NFTs to Invest in 2022


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There was exponentially high growth in the NFT market in 2021, with many inventors focusing on owning digital art. This has shown no sign of reducing in 2022, especially as more NFTs grow in value and become beneficial assets.

With this in mind, this article will discuss the best  Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to buy in 2022 and show you how to invest in NFTs today.

Lucky Block NFTs

Best NFTs to Invest in 2022

Lucky Block is already considered one of the best altcoins to invest in this year because of its unique tokenomics and innovative use case. Before Lucky Block launched its crypto-lottery app, the development team had already elapsed 10,000 unique NFTs, each having major benefits to its holder.

One of the benefits is that each  Non-fungible token is a ticket into Lucky Block’s daily NFT draws, which is quite different from the crypto-lottery draws.

The Platinum Rollers Club collection was minted on March 19th, 2022, with a Non-fungible token being minted for $1,500. This release contained 25 rare edition NFTs, which were randomly assigned. Therefore, your prize automatically doubles f you own a rare edition NFT and win the daily NFT jackpot.

Also, users can participate in daily prize draws using Lucky Block’s app with entry tickets for $5 using LBLOCK, the native token. Winners are chosen randomly with the Chainlink VRF service, with the current prize pool at $2.2 million. One winner receives the jackpot every day.

Furthermore, 10% of each daily jackpot is donated to charity, depending on the specific cause voted on by the users of Lucky Block. The cause with the most votes gets 70% of the location while the others share 30%.

Lucky Block has a telegram group with over 47,000 members, and this is the best place to get updates on the project’s roadmap. The value potential of these NFTs is vast, am d this makes the Platinum Rollers Club Collection a good pick for the best drop of 2022.


Best NFTs to Invest in 2022
source: Tamadoge

Tamadoge is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency project in which NFTs are distributed to its users for participation in the virtual ecosystem. It is the native cryptocurrency and the native token of the Tamaverse, a platform where players participate to earn multiple rewards. One of the major features of this platform is the Tamadoge pets.

They are unique dog avatars that can be bought, bred, and sold across the Tamaverse. These pets are minted as unique NFTs using smart contract functionality and can be bought from the Tama store using native crypto tokens.

The TAMA token is used to settle transactions, trade assets, and buy Tamadoge pets on the Tamaverse. It is a deflationary asset, not like meme tokens such as Dogecoin.

Real Estate Investment Club

This Non-fungible token metaverse is involved in real estate education and investing. The NFTs for this project were designed by one of the team members from the Read Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto games, making them unique and desirable.

REIC’s passion is to provide education and knowledge to the community to make income via the real estate industry.

The NFTs act as your avatar and give you access to REIC – MetaCity, an HD metaverse where members of REIC network and socialize with other investors focused on their real estate journey.

It also gives holders access to the Digital Asset Property Group (DAPG). Also, it gives you access to:

  • Future REIC Non-fungible token airdrops
  • Holidays in premium locations
  • Seminar access
  • REIC merch giveaways
  • Consultation and investment advice from industry elites
  • Downpayment in Ethereum for your first real estate investment

REIC – MetaCity is built using Unreal Engine 5, the same gaming engine that produced Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Gears of war. Therefore, the metaverse is highly detailed, full of lifelike animations, and contains battle-tested game mechanics.

At the center of the metaverse lies the project’s focus, the REIC MetaHQ. The MetaHQ building will be the central hub for all REIC members and the location for the team’s regular meetings and educational events.

To make sure that the building is fit for this use, it has been designed by a team of developers and architects.

Finally, REIC plans to be the pioneer in linking the blockchain to real estate investments. They believe that the real estate will be tokenized, and fractional ownership shares will be represented on the blockchain, giving it a larger audience.

The REIC metaverse intends to provide the infrastructure needed to be the leading community in the blockchain-based real estate industry.

These NFTs are the best picks in 2022, and investing in them is sure to be a good decision. Apart from these top 3, there are also other good NFTs that you can choose to invest in. they include:

  • Battle Infinity
  • Souls of Nature
  • Identity 20XY
  • CryptoPunks
  • Face TransPlants
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • Awesome Possums

How to Find the Best NFTs to Invest in

When you want to buy the best Non-fungible token, you ought to consider certain factors before you make your investment. Ome of them are listed below:

  • Creator of the collection. You should stick with a well-known creator.
  • Price point
  • Additional features. The best NFTs will come with additional features.
  • Ownership by celebrities.

Best Wallets for Storing NFTs

When planning your investment, pick the best wallets out of the abundance of today’s wallets. All these wallets have different features, but the key elements to look for in a wallet are the level of security it provides, user-friendliness, provider,  and compatible blockchains.

If you are looking for a good wallet to partner with, below are five of the most popular Non-fungible token wallets used by investors today:

How to Buy the Best NFT Tokens

  • Buy cryptocurrency for a Non-fungible token purchase
  • Connect to a Non-fungible token marketplace and buy NFTs.

In conclusion, this article has listed the best NFTs to buy in 2022, taking time to pay attention to the topmost collections. With more high-profile names getting involved in the Non-fungible token space, this is the best time to invest and capitalize on this lucrative trend.

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