Trust Wallet: Best Crypto Wallet for Beginners


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To ensure a robust security system for providing a safe haven to the client’s information related to their funds and assets and avoid violation and hacking, most cryptocurrency exchanges have made a name in providing a strong and safe system.

Even though the various platforms in the market promise a robust security mechanism, storing the cryptocurrency in either hardware or software wallets is still recommended.

Although software wallets are not the first line of recommended storage for cryptocurrency, they are still a better option for securing your crypto assets. One of the major positive aspects of using a software wallet is the feasibility of using portable qualities.

This survey will help to make a qualitative conclusion about whether a trust wallet app is a trusted and helpful choice for customers or not.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the trust wallet review.

Trust Wallet: Best Crypto Wallet for Beginners
Source: Trust wallet

What is a Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is a non-profit propriety, decentralized, portable crypto wallet for new clients and financial backers.

This wallet is one of the most mind-blowing crypto wallets that backings over 160K+ resources and blockchains and allows the traders to stake their crypto coins to acquire interest.

Initially intended to hold the ERC20 and ERC223 tokens, this wallet now supports other driving cryptographic forms of money like Bitcoin. The wallet has an inherent Web3 program for the clients to purchase digital forms of money through the local DEX (decentralized trade) that works on the Kyber Network.

It additionally permits clients to easily get to the different DApps (decentralized applications) based on the Ethereum stage through the Trust Wallet application.

The trust wallet application is free for download on both the Apple Store and Google Play store. Its code is transcribed in a complementary way to the Android devices. iOs 10.0 or higher software versions and Android 5.0 or higher permit the usage of this application.

Trust wallet has built quite a great name in the market as one of the most globally acknowledged software.
In June 2018, the Trust wallet was gained by Binance.
It backs a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for exchange and trading.
Numerous crypto resources for marking are offered (Trust Wallet token).
The initial membership ship is totally free of cost for its users.
It entails around 5 million functioning users across the globe.

How Does Trust Wallet Work?

It is an interfacing individual blockchain network. Each blockchain network has its own arrangement of public locations, frequently called the public key. Crypto resources are put away and encoded in these addresses.

Trust Wallet holds no cryptographic forms of money in its servers; it just gives clients admittance to its wallet.

It is an allowed-to-utilize application that procures nothing when clients use it. All the gas charges (exchange handling expenses) that are gathered are paid to the validators or excavators.

Trust Wallet assists clients with dealing with their public locations for sending and getting digital currencies. The application additionally permits clients to execute other crypto exchanges, such as exchanging and crypto marking.

Trust Wallet History

Trust Wallet: Best Crypto Wallet for Beginners

Trust Wallet was established by a US-based Ukrainian programming engineer Viktor Radchenko, who previously caught wind of computerized monetary standards using the utilization of Bitcoin on the dark web.

However, not Bitcoin but Ethereum asked him to take a stab in the crypto business. He started to feel inspired when he started to foster a versatile application to assist drivers with tracking down parking garages and different conveniences.

After effectively sending off the following application, Victor acquired the certainty to plan a wallet that can hold ERC20 tokens obtained through ICOs.

He started his Trust Wallet project in 2017; its usefulness with the standard ERC20 tokens pulled many clients from one side of the planet to the other for crypto speculation by attempting the wallet crypto portfolio.

The obligation of the task was mass reception of digital forms of money, which is just conceivable assuming that the means are not difficult to utilize.

Allowing individuals to purchase computerized resources through practical means like a financial balance or a Mastercard will encourage them to purchase more, which is what Trust Wallet depends on. Moreover, it provides its clients with bank-level security.

Features of Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is basic, clear, and simple to download and introduce on your cell phone. It’s a feasible and easy-to-use app.
Trust Wallet is altogether allowed to download from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. The stage likewise charges no underlying expenses or membership charges for its administrations from its clients.
However, Trust Wallet, by its inclination (being a product wallet), can’t guarantee safety efforts as solid as equipment wallets; the stage attempts to ensure that the clients’ assets are protected. It conducts normal reviews using a major security firm.

Trust Wallet Review:

It’s free of cost application with easy downloading services.Does not provide the same level of security as the hardware storage.
It allows the storage huge range of currencies.The 10- digit code or catchphrases for security

Imposes a genuine issue because if you lose these you lose your account and records.

It permits easy staking and gaining earns on various crypto assets.It only serves the purpose of storage and staking.
It is efficiently functioning on both iOS and Android devices.It lacks two-factor authentication as a safety tool.

Ratings 4/5

Value for money: 4

Ease of use: 4

Features: 4

Customer support: 3


Trust Wallet charges no fees from its clients while introducing or setting up their records on the wallet. There are likewise no membership charges for utilizing the wallet’s administrations.

In that capacity, the stage considers a free download from Google PlayStore or Apple Store. The main expenses charged on the application are the gas expenses for handling exchanges (network expenses) that are either paid to the excavators or to the PoS (Proof-of-stake) chains that demand them.

How To Access a Trust Wallet?

It is a very easy and feasible process and is understood by all the customers. After the installation process is complete, users can select a category based on the type of wallet they want to secure.

Trust Wallet Supported Cryptocurrencies

A total of 160K+ assets & Blockchains with cryptocurrencies, including the main ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more, are backed by a trusted wallet.


For the provision of robust and secure retention of cryptocurrencies and assets, customers rely on soft wares that meet these criteria and ensure feasibly safe storage. So according to our Trust Wallet survey, it qualifies as a very versatile wallet.

It is well trusted and appreciated by the clients considering it a safe multi-crypto wallet with practically no grumbling. Its clear point of interaction and vast scope of upheld resources make it one of the main crypto-wallet.

Having proficiently working customer support has helped it become one of the leading and top-rated software for cryptocurrency or asset storage.

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