Best Crypto to Buy Now (Updated 2022)


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One of the most prominent topics in the tech world is cryptocurrencies. Currently, the market is facing downtime, and many people are wondering if it will be a wise move to invest in crypto. While we may not be able to provide answers to this question, we can predict the five cryptocurrencies that will surprise investors in 2022.

The truth is that even in this crypto downtime, some currencies will do well in the market. So, the major question should not be if you should invest. Rather it should be “what cryptocurrencies should I invest in?” Therefore, this article will discuss the five major cryptocurrencies that will rock the ecosystem soon. Investing in them will not be a bad idea.

So, let’s look at the next cryptocurrencies that will rock the crypto ecosystem in 2022.

Best Crypto to Buy in 2022

Bitcoin (BTC)

This cryptocurrency does not need a lot of introduction because it is the most popular cryptocurrency in the industry. It is not just popular in the industry but also in the world. Since its launch, Bitcoin has become the standard for other altcoins.

Also, it has paved the way for digital assets and revolutionalized people’s views about digital assets. In February 2011, Bitcoin was valued at $1, and after ten years (November 2021), Bitcoin hit its all-time high of $68,000.

Best Crypto to Buy Now (Updated 2022)

By June 2022, the cryptocurrency price dropped to around $23,000. This regression in price was bad news to a lot of investors. However, it presented a fresh opportunity for people interested in cryptocurrency investing to buy bitcoin. JPMorgan Chase still believes that valuing bitcoin below $40,000 is an undervaluation.

For now, Bitcoin is facing tough times in the market. The coin can go lower as well as go higher. The coin is very volatile, so even though it is the most popular cryptocurrency, you must invest what you can afford to lose.

Ether (ETH)

Ether is the native token of the Ethereum blockchain, the way Bitcoin is the native token of the bitcoin blockchain. Ether is the second largest cryptocurrency in the world based on market capitalization. Bitcoin is the first. In 2022, Ether has also experienced a decline in price like Bitcoin, its competitor. This issue has raised investment doubts in the hearts of a lot of investors.

Ethereum has amazing plans that the Ethereum Foundation will implement in the future. The coin is a store of value, and the blockchain is the widely used blockchain for web3 projects and decentralized applications globally.

Currently, the crypto is making a transition to Ethereum 2.0. The transition will make transactions in the Ethereum blockchain faster. Also, it will make transactions safer and improve the overall scalability of the blockchain.

If Ethereum successfully transitions to Ethereum 2.0, the future will be bright for the blockchain. This period makes it the best time to invest in this cryptocurrency if you are looking to invest in a promising cryptocurrency.


Best Crypto to Buy Now (Updated 2022)

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is one of the thriving metaverses in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The digital currency used for transactions in the Decentraland Metaverse is MANA. If you are interested in the metaverse, you can invest in MANA.

Currently, MANA is down in price, but it can potentially become one of the cryptocurrencies to explode in 2022 and early 2023. MANA is volatile, making it the best option for cryptocurrency day traders.


Best Crypto to Buy Now (Updated 2022)

Avalanche is a platform in blockchain technology with one purpose; to address the issues of the system. These issues are decentralization, security, and scalability issues. The platform uses a proof of stake consensus mechanism.

Like Ethereum, the platform uses smart contracts to run DApps on its blockchain. The smart contracts on the Avalanch platform are written with the same programming language as Ethereum, Solidity Language.

Hence Avalanche aims to bring greater interoperability of blockchains through the use of some DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem. Examples of DApps the platform uses to increase interoperability are Aave and Curve.

The Native token of the Avalanche blockchain is AVAX. This coin is used to perform transactions in the Avalance ecosystem. AVAX is also the blockchain’s reward token for those who facilitate network transactions.

When the coin was launched in 2020, the platform raised $42 million in ICO, and since then, it has continued to grow in value. One year after ICO, it raised $230 million through the Avalanche Foundation.


The network was created in India in 2017 and was formerly called Matic Network. The brains responsible for this project were also responsible for developing Ethereum. These brainiacs are Sandeep Nailwal, Jayanti Kanani, Anurag, and Mahalo Bjelic. The network was launched in 2020, and since it went live, it has attracted some of the top names in the cryptocurrency investment sector.

The cryptocurrency Matic is a highly sought coin in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and the blockchain is very pivotal in the Defi ecosystem. Examples of Defi platforms that use polygon include MakerDAO and Decentraland. In February 2021, Matic changed its name to Polygon.

When Polygon had its ICO in April 2019, the team raised a total of $5.6 million in Ether. They raised the money by selling close to 2 billion Matic tokens within a short period of 20 days.

In conclusion, cryptocurrencies are going mainstream, and many developments are coming into the space. Although the market is not stable, it is one of the investments that can give you generational wealth.

So, now that the cryptocurrency market is down, it might be the perfect opportunity to start investing in the ecosystem. We have predicted the assets above as the next set of crypto that will rock the industry before the year runs out.

However, you must understand that the rules of cryptocurrency investment still apply. Before investing, make sure you do your own research and invest what you can afford to lose. Also, never forget that the market is very volatile, so invest cautiously.

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