Atomic Wallet – A Must-Have Wallet For Serious New Crypto Traders


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Atomic is a cryptocurrency wallet platform that allows users to exchange cryptocurrency instantly. The wallet holds over 500 cryptocurrency coins and tokens.

Primarily, the Atomic wallet is a decentralized exchange that offers high-security standards to its customers. The wallet also has an interface that is suitable for those that are enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies.

The wallet allows users to swap fiat money in 18 major markets globally and over 60 cryptocurrency assets (Proof of Stake) primarily.

The Atomic wallet has become one of the top-rated wallets in 2022. They got to the top of the ladder in the cryptocurrency world because of their special feature called Atomic Swap Offerings. This feature is a DeFi exchange. Again, the Defi was started in 2017 by a mastermind in Fintech Konstantin Gladych.


The Atomic wallet supports options like bank transfers for buying cryptocurrency tokens. Also, the wallet has a hardware version that is very easy to operate on systems like Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows.

How Atomic Wallet Works

Because of how the top cryptocurrency wallet functions, cryptocurrency users can use their private keys for reinforcing their cryptocurrency assets.  Through this, they have access to their crypto assets, and Atomic gives them autonomy because it does not have any crypto wallet admittance.

The funds that belong to users are joined into the blockchain network to ensure secure transactions. Immediately, Atomic’s cryptocurrency wallet integrates with the blockchain node that the user picks. Apart from that, the platform can track all the trading activities of the user through the cryptocurrency wallet.

Users can execute blockchain transactions with other ventures in cryptocurrency trading. For example, using help from the associates in Atomic to buy other major exchanges in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Major Features of Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet - A Must-Have Wallet For Serious New Crypto Traders

Profitable for Beginner Traders

The Atomic wallet has a unique free-of-charge feature for beginners. This feature makes the wallet a highly sought wallet by traders who are just starting their journey into cryptocurrency. Beginners can buy cryptocurrencies even if they have no assets.

The Atomic exchange wallet exchange enables all the tokens and coins to profit for users who are just joining. Also, the wallet is compatible with most operating systems and the Atomic Swap exchange is integrated into the hardware wallet.

It Gives Users a Secure Atomic Swap Exchange

Users need trust to build. They have to be assured of unconstrained risk, so the exchange has a private key conceptualization. Authorization of cross-chain atomic swaps happens through admittance to transactions and user-generated passwords.

The password has a special feature: it is a 12-word phrase representation. Also, their user can use the 12-word to recover their wallet if they misplace their device.

So, users must ensure that they keep this 12-word phrase in a safe place, maybe on a piece of paper or sent to a secure folder as a file online.

How to Use the Atomic Wallet

The wallet is a decentralized exchange that supports multiple popular cryptocurrencies. Also, the wallet is a prominent leader in cross-chain Atomic swaps. The wallet uses smart contract technology to allow users to swap cryptocurrencies without a centralized exchange.

Also, via the atomic wallet, cryptocurrency investors can carry out activities like purchasing cryptocurrencies for investment, cryptocurrency exchange management, and even staking.

Users can access these facilities through the Atomic app, or their software from the website. All users need to do is download the app or the software to their devices.

Setting Up the Atomic Wallet

For exchange administration using Atomic wallet, the first thing you need to do is to download the wallet application. The applications are available on their website or Google Play Store. Downloading from their website automatically means the user will download the Atomic software to their devices.

After downloading and installing the software or the website, just open them. On opening, you will find two options; Create New Wallet or Restore From Backup. If you are just starting with the wallet, just go on to create a new wallet. When you click the Create a New Wallet, you will be required to set up your password.

The password is a 12-word phrase. Please write out the 12 words and store them safely for future use. When you input your password, you can then start trading cryptocurrencies. The backup procedure will assist you in restoring your Atomic wallet whenever you want and on other devices.

Atomic Wallet Fees

Atomic wallet’s sanction fees for getting cryptocurrencies using fiat place a 2% fee on a $10 order trade for every transaction. Also, Atomic Wallet takes taxes on the credit cards of users buying crypto through that means. This fee is based on the amount of fiat you are buying with a user’s account or currency policies.

This tax on credit cards attracts an extra 5% transaction fees, this is also because some coins require high-risk performance during purchase. So, the Atomic wallet is the only wallet where the fees depend on the amount of purchase you are making within the app.

Atomic Wallet Native Token

The wallet has a decentralized token called AWC. As the progress of the Atomic wallet continues, the abundance of AWC is also supposed to keep growing. Currently, the total AWC supply is 100,000,000. Holders of the AWC are over 40,000 while the coin kept in storage is 90,000,000 AWC.

The Atomic wallet does have both advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages are weightier than the disadvantages. Also, the Atomic wallet AWC is a leading cryptocurrency in the ecosystem. The coin is prominent as it has to do with the top blockchain and cryptocurrency exchanges in the current ecosystem.

Finally, the desktop version of the Atomic wallet has more than  500 coins. Also, it contains additional ERC-20 assets in the cryptocurrency world. Also, the constant Atomic updates providing listings for some coins are a massive offer for most networks in the blockchain.

The platform has given itself a brand name around a new software giving digital coin offers to exchanges. Then, the wallet is always updating and improving as a platform to serve both new and experienced traders.

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