Top 10 Most Frequently Googled Questions About Cryptocurrency


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In this crypto world, everyone is concerned about digital currency. The top 10 google searches regarding cryptocurrency show its trend and what’s going into the mind of people.

What people search on Google provides an insight into the real mindset, often showing their interest, fear, and other emotions about a specific topic. For identifying investor sentiment amid a bear market yet to hit other bottoms, we dig deeper to find out the most searched questions.

1. What is cryptocurrency?

Even after 13 years of disruption to traditional finance, most investors are concerned about the most widely asked question, what is cryptocurrency?

This question has a GV (global search volume)of 256,000. This Google search overshadows the second most cryptocurrency-related Google search by nearly 4.7 times. This shows the gap and a vast scope in educating the masses about cryptocurrencies.

Despite various conflicts, crypto entrepreneurs from around the world put their differences aside and mutually agree that educating the masses about cryptocurrencies is important and speeds up mainstream adoption.

2. What is crypto?

This is the second most googled question. This question recorded a GV of 54,000, which, combined with its predecessor, strengthens the case for educating the masses about cryptocurrencies. That “What” in the question shows the lack of understanding among people and the need to shorten the learning curve for new investors.


3. How to invest in cryptocurrency?

The third most popular google searched question is, “How to invest in cryptocurrency?”. With a GV of 44,000, this question shows rising interest in crypto investments despite the prolonged bear market.

The keywords also show the need for simplifying the process of investing in cryptocurrencies. This shows a redesign of trading platforms to make them more intuitive for new investors moving from traditional finance.

Top Ten Most Frequently Googled Questions About Cryptocurrency

4. What is crypto mining?

This question takes the fourth place, with a GV of 37,000 in a Google search that is amazingly the most natural progression one can take when one starts understanding the crypto ecosystem in detail.

Moreover, base-level understanding of the crypto ecosystem tends to try out mining as a way to make passive income through cryptocurrencies.

The idea of repurposing an old computer for earning cryptocurrencies via a supportive network is a famous search relevant from the early days of cryptocurrencies. But off-the-shelf mining rigs enable novice miners to enter crypto mining as a viable career.

5. How to buy cryptocurrency?

The rising popularity of cryptocurrencies shows the search for the question “How to buy cryptocurrency”. This question takes the fifth position as the most searched crypto-related keyword on Google. The GV of 36,000 leads to an evident interest in purchasing cryptocurrencies.

Bear markets are often taken as a perfect timeline for making high-yield investments and more profits. Amidst the falling prices, existing and new investors are in competition for identification such as investments as the market readies to recover from a bearish trend into a bull run.

6. Why is crypto crashing?

For such a long time, the bear market has been the reason for many investors’ stress. The effect of prolonged bear markets seeped into the top 10 google searches as most crypto investors are trying to find the answer to their questions:

Why is crypto crashing?

This question has GV of 33,000. The ongoing lower price trends, along with insufficient support to cushion the fall, generated negative sentiment from investors worldwide.

However, despite the great losses, inflation in traditional finance has led investors to reconsider Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies as hedges against draining buying power.

7. How does cryptocurrency work?

This is the seventh most popular question asked. One of the most critical questions the crypto community asks is, “How does cryptocurrency work,” with a GV of 27,000.

Following the massive losses, the general public has become varied about a crypto project’s inner workings. If you successfully get to know how cryptocurrencies work. This helps you uncover many crypto secrets, reducing loss and risk.

Top Ten Most Frequently Googled Questions About Cryptocurrency

8. What is crypto down?

Popular projects like Solana make consistent headlines for service disruption. This prevails crypto in the mind of crypto users that,

Why is Crypto down?

This question ranks eighth in Google’s top 10 most searched questions about crypto, resulting in a GV of about 21,000. This is due to the projects being forced to stop withdrawals and blocking funds for many reasons.

So, investors are intended to find answers on the internet. This search making the top 10 most searched questions list, showcases the unprecedented rise in the closure of services. Eventually, the services and blockchain shutdowns are the primary drivers of negative investor sentiments.

9. How to create a cryptocurrency?

For most people, creating, trading, marketing and selling their own cryptocurrency seems a far better option than investing in something made and dealt with by others. This prevails the question in the mind of many people:

How to create a cryptocurrency?

This question is the ninth most searched question in the Google search engine, with a Global Volume of 14,000. Off-the-services now enable anyone to launch their own tokens. However, establishing a cryptocurrency without an objective to serve a use case will fail in the long run.

10. How to trade cryptocurrency?

Last in our list of the top 10 most searched questions about crypto in Google is,

How to trade cryptocurrency?

This question has a GV of 13,000. Investors are researching many new ways to trade cryptocurrencies due to their growing popularity and emergence in the crypto world.

Depending on the jurisdictions, crypto platforms have started offering services tailored to meet regulatory requirements. Investors must research to identify the most suitable platforms for cryptocurrency trading while ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

Wrapping Up

RankingQuestionsGlobal Volume (GV)
1What is cryptocurrency?256,000
2What is crypto?54,000
3How to invest in cryptocurrency?44,000
4What is crypto mining?37,000
5How to buy cryptocurrency?36,000
6Why is crypto crashing?33,000
7How does cryptocurrency work?27,000
8What Is crypto down?21,000
9How to create a cryptocurrency?14,000
10How to trade cryptocurrency?13,000

The above list includes the top 10 most searched crypto-related questions on Google. These questions give us hints about the area to focus on and clear the user’s concepts regarding the crypto ecosystem.

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