Privatization crypto check INVESTBOND

Privatization crypto check INVESTBOND was created for free distribution to citizens of the URANUS digital state.
Crypto check can be obtained free of charge to all inhabitants of the Earth after submitting an application to the administration of the URANUS state.

INVESTBOND defines the right of a citizen to receive a part of state property on the planet Uranus free of charge. Also, a privatization check can be used as an investment in various digital projects, kept as a property right, sold to other citizens. You will be able to invest a check in the state pension fund of the digital state URANUS. The nominal value of a privatization check is the equivalent of 10,000 US dollars. At present, the first investment pool has already been formed where INVESTBOND can be invested. The market value of the pool as of February 5, 2022 is $58 million.

To receive a free privatization crypto check INVESTBOND, it is enough to apply for URANUS digital citizenship. Citizenship is granted free of charge to everyone without providing your official data. You will remain a citizen of your country on Earth and receive a second citizenship on the planet Uranus of the solar system.

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