How to get started as a crypto beginner #7


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From past articles, you have already learned that you can participate in IDO, NFT mints, Airdrop, start investing and trading

In this article, we will summarize

Many people came to crypto because of quick and easy money, but even in crypto, there is no such thing. Even if, by some chance, someone managed to earn a huge amount, they understand that this is easy money and either lose it in the crypto or just go and spend it.

Therefore, I advise all beginners and those who already understand this business to choose a niche for themselves and become an expert in it.

The categories below are broken down as they are based on personal experience.

Breakdown by category

Since each person has his own personal deposit that he is ready to invest in the crypt, and many having up to $ 500-1000 go into investing or trading, although it would be more reasonable to engage in IDO

  • 0 – 100$

The most difficult category is due to the fact that you don’t really get around with such a deposit, you won’t even participate much in IDO

1. Ambassador programs – participation is free, after which you can count on a good reward

2. (Relevant at the moment! 2022) Get WL for mint NFT and sell accounts

3. Airdrop – But here, too, you can’t clear up because of penny awards, although there are projects 1:100 that will give a generous reward

  • 500$ – 1000$

It will be easier here

1. Mint NFT on alternative networks (non-Ethereum)

2. Participation in the IDO ICO, there are platforms where everyone is allowed to enter through FCFS, you can also allocate an amount and make yourself multi-accounts in order to get a chance to get into IDO

3. Retrodrops – of course, not on the ether network where impressive amounts were distributed, but on alternative networks

  • 2000$ – 5000$

With such a deposit, you can already count on many activities

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