Ambassador program from the Aleo project


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💎 Aleo is a project that makes a convenient tool for developing applications with a high level of privacy. Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Coinbase Ventures, Polychain, Balaji Srinivasan (former Coinbase CTO) and other companies invested in them early on, raising $28 million.

Language-Specific Communities

Currently, Aleo does not have language-specific communities for sharing information about the project. However, there are a number of independent Telegram groups and other outlets where information about the project is being communicated in other languages.

We’d like to create a subset of ambassadors who run these language-specific groups and give them the opportunity to help us (1) translate existing content and (2) create new content in different languages. Right now we have a large presence within our Turkish and Russian communities.

These “Language Ambassadors” will be the cornerstone of helping us to penetrate into foreign communities and showcase what we are building here at Aleo.

Content Creation

In addition to having folks that can help represent our brand via independent language communities, we also want ambassadors who can create either one-off or recurring content. This can be in the form of basic use case tutorials built using Leo, educational materials relating to zero-knowledge cryptography, generating memes, and everything in between.

We can utilize funding from our grants program to subsidize these types of content creation initiatives. It will be important to figure out what it is that people want to better learn about.

Aleo Ambassadors Program Levels

Within the Aleo Ambassadors Program, we envision having different levels of recognition. This will take the form of unique roles and/or achievements (see Aleo Achievements for more details) that can be displayed on our Discord server or issued as unique NFTs/emojis/items that can be shared in any content.

Anybody who wants to be an ambassador will start at Level 1 and the more content they produce, translations that they make, or coordination that they facilitate, the higher up the ranks they will move. Below is a sample of what these levels could look like

  • Level 1 – TBD

  • Level 2 – TBD

  • Level 3 – TBD

  • Level 4 – TBD


Depending on the level that you achieve you will receive different benefits from the Aleo Core Team. These benefits could include everything ranging from…receiving Aleo Credits, being given early access to different programs & information on Aleo, provided reimbursements to travel to specific places to present Aleo to different language communities.

I think we need some more help here…what do people think would be good incentives to get people involved.

📝 How to participate?

There will be TWO steps to the application process.


On Wednesday, March 9 at 12 pm ET, we will post a link in the #announcements channel in Discord. That link will take you to a Typeform with three questions.

  2. What is your Discord handle? (MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THE NUMBER AFTER THE # – for example Aleo | Official#5582)
  3. Share a link to a 5 to 10-second video on YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Drive of yourself saying your full name and holding a piece of paper with your Discord handle written on it. Make sure that your video is not in private mode/restricted access.


IMPORTANT: THIS FORM WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE FOR 1500 PEOPLE TO SUBMIT AND THEN IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY CLOSE. We realize that 1500 is not a lot of people given the interest in the program but we wanted to make sure we had the time to actually review each submission.

If you successfully submit an application and your video verifies you are who you say you are, you will be able to move onto Step Two once it opens (we will NOT contact you if you failed the verification step).


On Wednesday, March 16, at 12 pm ET, we will email a link to the verified applicants from an official email address. Check your spam if you did not receive it. YOU WILL NEED YOUR VERIFIED EMAIL FROM THE STEP BEFORE ACCESSING THE FORM. Do not share the email or link to the form. Any application from an unregistered email address will be automatically discarded and banned from participating in future Ambassador Programs.


What are the rewards for being a part of the program?

In the first round, MAESTROS will receive 50 initial pointsAPPRENTICES will receive 25 initial points. For each round thereafter, existing Maestros will receive 15 points and existing Apprentices will receive 10 more points. An Apprentice can become a Maestro if they show exceptional work. Points will accumulate over time. Points cannot be transferred. And most importantly, POINTS HOLD NO INHERENT VALUE.


Person A is a Maestro. S(he) receives 50 initial points. S(he) does a wonderful job for the three months and keeps the Maestro position. In the next round, S(he) receives 15 more points for a total of 65 points.

Ambassadors will also receive different roles on Discord (Maestro and Apprentice).

As an Ambassador, you will be associated with the Aleo Ambassador Program and will be featured in our promotional initiatives.

In addition to these tiers, there will be opportunities for special Discord roles, to be defined later.

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