Tor crypto donations up 841% in 2021

Of the nearly $1 million the non-profit raised, 58% of donations were in cryptocurrencies.

The Tor Project Drives the Development of the Tor Privacy Network and the Tor Web Browser

Cryptocurrency donations to non-profit organization The Tor Project are up 841% in 2021 compared to the previous year, Tor said in a report

Of the $940,000 raised, 58% of donations were in cryptocurrencies. This is a much higher percentage compared to 2020, when donators sent $58,000 in cryptocurrency.

Of the crypto donations, 68% ($371,000) were in Bitcoin, 28% ($154,000) were in Ether, 2% ($9,000) in DAI, and 1% ($7 million) in Monero. privacy coin.

This shows that the crypto community is more interested in privacy than anyone else.

The Tor network also plays a big role in improving cryptocurrency privacy. Bitcoin core nodes provide the ability to send traffic over an encrypted privacy network to hide IP addresses. According to the bitcoin network tracking site Bitnodes, over 51% of the nodes are running on the Tor network.

The Tor Project began accepting bitcoin donations in 2013 and expanded to nine other cryptocurrencies in 2019

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