Hublot Now Accepts Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies As Payment


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Buying Hublot watches with cryptocurrency is now possible!!

Big Bang Unico Grey is a new limited edition luxury watch from Hublot, a Swiss Watchmaker that is known for its innovative designs.

BitPay, a cryptocurrency processing company, is one option.

There are only 200 of these watches in existence, and they can only be purchased through Hublot’s website. Cryptocurrency payments have been adopted and embraced by a number of high-end luxury brands.

Although the bitcoin industry has generally declined, these companies have been quite positive about accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Tag Heuer, Gucci, and Balenciaga have all begun accepting cryptocurrency payments as payment for their products. In addition, a small number of luxury brands are currently experimenting with cryptocurrency payments.

Known bitcoin infrastructure providers like BitPay are helping these companies get into the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can now be accepted as a method of payment by businesses that don’t need to be experts in the field to do so.

Only the Hublot US website accepts cryptocurrency for the purchase of these timepieces.

The ‘Big Bang Unico Grey’ limited edition watch costs about $27,200. This means that a single watch will cost $22,000 in the United States. It currently costs $20,400 for a single Bitcoin.

According to the current price of the digital asset, one of these watches will set one back a little over one Bitcoin. Carlo Crocco started Hublot in 1980, a luxury watchmaker. LVMH, a French luxury conglomerate, is the company’s sole shareholder.

It was in 2008 when Hublot was purchased by LVMH, a luxury goods company. The luxury watches brand Tag Heuer is owned by LVMH. Given Tag Heuer’s recent move to accept digital currency as payment, it was only a matter of time until Hublot followed suit.

Companies That Make Luxury Watches And Their Plans To Enter Web3:

LVMH’s luxury watch brands include Tag Heuer, as noted above. A similar move was made by Hublot, which now accepts digital asset payments in addition to cash.

In collaboration with BitPay, Tag Heuer has just begun accepting digital currency payments. A total of 12 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, will be accepted by the company.

In addition, the company has opted to accept payment from additional stable coins that are tethered to the US dollar.

In the past, Tag Heuer had stated its intention to enter the Web3 market. This would only be possible if blockchain technology, which includes Non-Fungible Tokens, was widely adopted.

The acceptance of digital currency payments would be the first step in this process.

Tag Heuer stayed true to its promise. Even Hublot has now begun to embrace digital currency payments in the same way.

In addition, Tag Heuer has unveiled a brand-new feature pertaining to NFTs. For the smartwatch, it has added an NFT display feature that lets wearers show off their collection of NFTs.

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