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Platforms now offer a variety of use cases that enable investors to participate in their networks and receive free crypto rewards due to the rise of cryptocurrencies in recent years. In 2022, everyone can earn cryptocurrency for free, regardless of whether they are long-term investors seeking passive income or players earning prizes by taking part in in-game activities.

However, despite the fact that cryptocurrencies have shown to be far superior investments to traditional endeavours such as stocks and gold, purchasing them has grown far more expensive. This is why many people who don’t have a large budget are continuously looking for ways to acquire free cryptocurrency. And, guess what, it’s doable.

But we’re here to inform you about a certain technique to get some of them without spending a dime.

1. FreeCash

Freecash collaborates with advertising and research firms to incentivise particular tasks. Freecash guarantees, not just the biggest payouts, instant cashouts, or minimal minimum withdrawals, but also a clean, modern, and user-friendly design, active direct support, highlighted offers (reliable payment offers), and worldwide signups.

You can get free cryptocurrency by completing these location-specific offers and surveys. Alternatively, Freecash earned coins can be used to purchase gift cards, Counter-Strike Global Offensive skins, and other items. Other features include:

  • Instant crypto cashouts starting at 0.10$ DOGE, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more cryptocurrencies
  • Play games and finish other chores
  • On Freecash, users make more than $20.00 per day on average.

For example, in this survey, the incentive amount was stated in the top right corner:

  • Survey for free money

Signing up is a breeze; just use your Google or Steam account. You can also get started by registering via email.

  • 1 USD is equal to 1000 Freecash tokens.

2. Crypto Lucky Block Game

Crypto games function similarly to traditional video games, but they are hosted on separate blockchain networks instead of consoles.

The most popular nowadays are the Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, in which users may earn cryptocurrency for skilled gameplay and accomplishing particular tasks.

So, which crypto game is the greatest for earning free tokens? That’s simple Lucky Block.

Lucky Block is one of the trendiest new cryptocurrencies; it was released in early 2022 and runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Lucky Block’s major purpose is to transform the entire online gambling business and give fair and transparent conditions to all players that participate in the game.

  • Daily Draws

Daily draws are one of the most common ways for players to receive free cryptos on Lucky Block. These draws take conducted every day, and the winners receive jackpots equal to 2% of the total amount of the main draw pool.

Furthermore, even if they do not participate in the draw, holders of LBLOCK (Lucky Block’s native token) can earn a passive income. This is possible because Lucky Block pays holders a token distribution of around 10% of each win.

3. Educational Courses


This is generally referred to as ‘Learn and Earn,’ and while it may appear to be a scam, it is offered by many of the community’s most popular crypto exchanges.

The procedure is as follows: you enrol in a specific educational course, watch videos, and complete certain assignments, and as a reward, you receive free cryptos upon completion.

Coinbase is one of the platforms with the best instructional courses, which is what attracts many new investors to the exchange.

The function is called ‘Coinbase Earn,’ and it allows users to earn free cryptocurrency merely by viewing instructive films and taking a few fun quizzes. You can earn different coins based on the tasks you perform (Coinbase offers around 20 tokens).

4. Brave Rewards

Brave Rewards are by far the most convenient way to earn free cryptocurrency. Simply use the Brave web browser with Brave Rewards enabled. You can begin utilising Rewards to add free Basic Attention Tokens (BATs) without doing anything special, such as completing a course or playing a game.

Brave first created it to help the creators we admire; you could just tip the websites. You can now cash in your rewards by validating your Brave wallet. Notably, you receive 70% of ad revenue. While the net sum is little, it adds to the benefits of using Brave, an outstanding, privacy-conscious browser.

This is not targeted advertising either. Ads influenced by your surfing history won’t appear to you. Additionally, you can alter the frequency from the default of five adverts each hour.

5. Crypto Staking 

When it comes to getting free cryptocurrency, crypto staking is the second-best option, but if done correctly, it may also be a reliable source of revenue.

Staking basically entails locking up your cryptocurrency in order to validate fresh blocks on particular blockchains. Since PoW (Proof-of-Work) blockchains like Bitcoin lack the feature, this can only be done on PoS (Proof-of-Stake) blockchains.

You can stake your current tokens in exchange for free cryptocurrency as a thank you for your assistance with the validation process. These payouts are frequently variable, with the largest returns coming from the most speculative coins.

6. Cryptocurrency Interest Accounts


Similar to savings accounts, cryptocurrency interest accounts allow you to deposit different crypto assets and receive interest on your holdings. In order to get free incentives, long-term holders who want to hold their digital assets might use these services.

Aqru, a cryptocurrency savings account with high annual percentage yields on well-liked assets like Bitcoin, is one well-known cryptocurrency account. With 7% APY on Bitcoin and Ethereum, Aqru provides excellent chances for earning passive income. Notably, Aqru offers a 12% APY and allows investors can earn money on stablecoins like USD coins and DAI.

Notably, Aqru’s interest rate is the same for all deposits. Many exchanges have different APY rates based on the number of deposits, while Aqru allows limitless free crypto-earning chances. Investors don’t have to lock up their cryptocurrencies for a set period of time with Aqru, either.

learn more: How To Use Crypto Savings Accounts To Earn Interest.

7. Crypto Faucet Assignments 

Apps and websites known as “crypto faucets” offer rewards in the form of bitcoins to users who complete various activities and assignments.

You don’t need to have any specialised skills to do these chores because they are usually very simple and quick. Even though the jobs are frequently very monotonous, if you complete them for extended periods of time, it’s a terrific way to earn extra money.

You can encounter duties like as watching online advertisements and films, solving CAPTCHA puzzles, taking quizzes, and more. The amount of cryptocurrency you earn will vary depending on the crypto faucet you are utilising.

The sums are typically quite little, thus the moniker “faucet” Because the meagre incentives are comparable to meagre drops of water flowing from a faucet.

You should also be aware of the fact that many sites demand you to attain a certain account balance before you can withdraw your cryptocurrency earnings. Even time constraints are occasionally present and must be observed.

Always remember to conduct adequate research on the cryptocurrency faucet you wish to use; this will help you stay away from sketchy platforms.

8. Crypto PopCoin

Crypto Another game to earn free cryptocurrency is PopCoin, which also supports Ethereum. The game is straightforward. Coins must be grouped before being tapped to pop the

The goal is to pop as many coins as you can before each stage is over. Additionally, a bonus dependent on the coins you drop at each step is attached.

You will receive 1 PopCoin for each game point. While earning Ethereum requires a Coinbase account, earning PopCoin may be done with any ERC-20 wallet address. To begin with, Metamask is a cost-free wallet that is ERC-20 compliant.

Bottom Line

With the global inflation rate fast increasing as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, skilled traders say it is more vital than ever to acquire some type of digital asset.

Not to mention that a rising number of global industries are incorporating cryptocurrencies into their operations, which has a significant impact on the value of the crypto market.

In the long run, hanging onto the tokens you purchase might be a lucrative source of income due to the cryptocurrency market’s rapid value growth.

If you’re wondering how to get free cryptocurrency, we firmly advise that you think about playing the Lucky Block game because it has the greatest potential to soar in 2022 and provide enormous returns for investors.

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