$375k Worth of NFTs and Assets Stolen by Hackers on Premint Platform

Recently Premint.xyz faced a hacker attack on July, 17 and according to sources hackers were able to steal $375k worth of NFTs and other assets from user wallets. Premint’s team quickly took this to Twitter to warn other users and posted not to sign any transactions.

At the time of writing this Premint.xyz has already updated and fixed the breach on their website and users can access the platform once again. Premint.xyz team is working on recovering the stolen assets of its users as we speak. 

Premint also quickly updated the site to provide safer login ways such as Twitter and discord instead of wallets. “Starting today, you don’t need your wallet when logging back into PREMINT.”

Also, Premint informed the users of their platform that they are working on recovering the stolen assets “We are actively working together to get a full list of wallets that had assets taken from them.”

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