How to Register an ENS Domain: Step-by-Step Guide


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An Ethereum-based NFT project known as ENS (Ethereum Naming Service) offers customers the opportunity to purchase domain names ending in. eth. You can utilize this service to generate simple domains, such as XYZ.eth, and then link those domains to your cryptocurrency wallet or other Web3 addresses.

This simplifies the process of transferring and receiving assets via a cryptocurrency wallet. Creating and purchasing a domain is a rather straightforward procedure, and we will walk you through the steps of creating your own. eth domain below.

Purchasing a domain name is one of the first steps to take when attempting to establish a digital presence for your business. Your website’s visitors will have an easier time finding your site and all its files on the internet if you choose this domain name.

On the other hand, the concept of Ethereum Naming Service domains is relatively fresh to the field of domains. As a result, we will devote a lot of time to explaining it, as well as the ways you might acquire your very own ENS domain.

All About ENS Domain

The acronym ENS stands for the Ethereum Name Service. It is a method for discovering the Ethereum address that you employ for the various transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

To locate the Ethereum profile, you will need to enter a lengthy address into the search area. Because Ethereum Naming Service will make it possible for you to connect your name while you are searching, it will be much simpler to locate a certain profile.

As was noted up top, ENS domains make it possible to purchase.eth domain names. They operate fairly similarly to Unstoppable domains, with the exception that you do not need to renew your domain, as they are built on the Ethereum blockchain and work in much the same way.

When you purchase a domain from Unstoppable, you will own it permanently; nevertheless, the purchase price is more. ENS domains, on the other hand, can only be owned for a certain amount of time, but if the gas price is ignored, they can be purchased for a lower total price.

The fact that Ethereum Naming Service is not associated with wallet addresses is one of the primary benefits it offers. It can be used to symbolize the following things:

  • Metadata
  • Transaction ID
  • Hashes

As a result, ENS is capable of a great deal more than we realize.

How to Register an ENS Domain Step-by-Step Guide

ENS Domain Registration

Buying an ENS domain is a simple process. Let’s look at how you can set up your own domain. There are some things you should think about before you start.

You should now have a general understanding of what the ENS domain system is all about. Keeping this in mind, let’s have a look at the several procedures that are involved in obtaining an Ethereum Naming Service domain.

Before continuing with these instructions, you need to ensure that your wallet contains a token quantity of Ethereum (ETH). After that, you’ll be able to put it to use to pay the Ethereum Naming Service registration costs as well as the transaction fees connected to your domain.

The steps that need to be taken to complete the task are outlined here.

Open an Ethereum-Compatible Browser.

The very first thing that you have to do is launch a web browser that already has a MetaMask account loaded on it. If you do not already possess a cryptocurrency wallet, you should give serious consideration to establishing one.

You will quickly pick up the skills necessary to make a MetaMask wallet right here. If you do not want to create a wallet using MetaMask, you have the option of creating a wallet using Coinbase or Trustwallet instead.

Check out the ENS Domains Website

Next, visit You’ll buy your ENS domain here. You may search for ENS domains using this easy webpage.

ENS Registration

Enter the domain name, and “.eth” is automatically assigned.

Domain names might be available or unavailable. If the domain name isn’t available, you can check its registered address. The domain’s expiration date is also displayed.

You can choose the domain’s registration period. You can prolong the domain’s validity based on your preferences.

You will find a vertical grey bar to the left of the .eth name if the name you want to use is not accessible. If you click it, you will be presented with details regarding the ENS records that have been registered.

In the case of the non-availability of a name, you will see a green bar to the left of the.eth name in the vertical position.

Select Period

Choose the amount of time over which you would like to have ownership of the name (min 1 year)

The rental payment is equal to the annual rent multiplied by the monthly rent. You will always have the option to choose to extend the duration of your registration at a later time.

Domain Registration Confirmation

Next, complete the transaction using your crypto wallet. Here, you’ll pay the domain registration fee. The cost depends on how long you purchase the domain.

To pay, connect your ETH wallet and sign the migration of ens address to your account. ETH will be deducted for this purchase. You may send money using the MetaMask wallet with this guide. Wait until the ENS app validates your ETH wallet transaction.

ENS app’s registration confirmation will take time. It verifies that no one else registers the domain at the same time.


ENS Domain Use 

You can now use your name to access the.eth domain extension. You are able to share it so that other people can send, receive, or store tokens in your address.

Wrapping Up

Sharing your wallet address via ENS domains is not only a useful alternative but also a more secure one than using other methods. In the near future, further functionality will be introduced to link these domains with your social media profiles so that you can take direct donations from your followers. The process of registering a domain name on the blockchain is quite efficient.

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