GameFi Conf. Results of the conference on the creation of NFT games


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Some statistics:

  • 8 reports;
  • 2 round tables;
  • 9.5 hours on air;
  • 40 offline participants;
  • 107 people maximum online;
  • 700 unique online viewers for the whole day of the conference.

One of the most important prerequisites for the conference was the impending transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Important infrastructural changes are taking place in the way the global Internet and digital products and services work. In the foreseeable future, many applications and games will be decentralized.

NFT games and gaming metaverses have been talked about all over the place lately. 2021 has truly been a booming year for crypto gaming and NFT art. Of course, this kind of hype leads to the appearance of unscrupulous developers and scam projects.

Therefore, the impact goal of the conference was an attempt to understand what crypto games are and how to create long-term and sustainable products in which users can get the real benefits of the play-to-earn model – “play to earn” -, and not lose money in hype empty projects GameFi .

Eight speakers made presentations.

Vyacheslav Utochkin, Deputy Director of the CRC BI GSB NRU HSE, spoke about the basics of cryptogaming and introduced the audience to the terminology and key concepts of cryptogames, blockchain technology and NFT.

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