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Today we will analyze the classification of NFT projects and deal with obtaining a whitelist* (the right to purchase NFT at the presale stage).

It should be noted that obtaining whitelists for the ETH and SOL networks is identical, so everything said below will refer to the two networks.

So, the most important thing to understand is that all whitelists go EXCLUSIVELY in Discord and nowhere else (the exception is giveaways on Twitter from the official account of the project). I would divide whitelists into 4 types: 1. Whitelist for invites. Everything is obvious here – projects need people, which is why they are interested in you inviting friends to their server, so that they would later minify their NFT. In order to get a whitelist in this way, just go to the server, go to a group called #whitelist (or something similar) and see the conditions. Usually, they make 10-15 invites. After you have made invites, you will need to throw off the proof. But all this needs to be read on a specific server (just the same in the #whitelist tab )

2. Level. Such projects understand that people can potentially invite bots and wind up invites, or invite people who are far from the NFT sphere, so they are interested in an asset on the server. Each discord server of the NFT project has a bot that counts your level. Usually it’s either mee6 or Arcane. Both of these bots count experience per minute, that is, to get it, you just need to write one phrase every 60 seconds. But it is important that the communication is live, because often admins check your logs before issuing a whitelist. Almost all servers have a Russian chat, as well as a lot of thematic ones, so communication should not be a problem. You can check the level in the tabs, which are usually called #bot -commands, #rank -check, #lvl-check and so on. The level is checked with the !rank (for mee6) and /level (for Arcane) commands.

3. Invites + level. Yes, this is a mixture of the previous two points, and I would say that this is the most popular way to get a whitelist. Projects are interested both in new people and in the asset that new people will see when they come to the server. Everything is the same, fill invites, fill the level, throw off the proof – you get a whitelist.

4. Manual selection. The most difficult of the ways to get, but projects that set such conditions usually work out very well, because there are no extra passengers in the whitelist that can potentially sell them cheaply to NFT. Their conditions are active communication (without obtaining a specific level), art, drawings, posters, posters, activities related to their project. I strongly advise you not to pass by such projects, because recently I got into one such, at a mint price of 0.05 ETH, the project came out 0.7-0.8 (14x-16x).

All information about new projects in which it is desirable to get WL is on our Discord server in the nft-main room, also go to the nft-chat room and tag me (my nickname is @Groov [NFT]), and I will gladly answer all your questions.

Let’s get back to the projects… Personally, of course, I advise you to get everywhere. And everywhere, because the number of places is limited, and at first it may seem that the project is average, and then they will have a collaboration with BAYC and there will be 200k people in their discord. Then you catch wild FOMO. 🙂

To summarizing, I can only say that NFT requires a lot of time, but you won’t earn all the money and you won’t get everywhere, I myself sometimes miss good projects. I do this every day, but I am well aware that many have work and other concerns.

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