IS Incident Investigation and Cyber ​​Forensics

The value of the blockchain industry is estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars. Risks and losses from security incidents and fraud increase proportionally

Who, when, how, and why penetrated your system?

We perform a detailed study, which includes the analysis of computers, hard drives, mobile devices, and digital storage media. We know how to investigate complex cases and apply cutting-edge techniques such as RAM, registry, shadow volume analysis, timeline analysis, and more. We also prepare organizations for future investigations by developing incident response and evidence collection procedures in accordance with the most stringent formal requirements, such as SWIFT requirements.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed an increase in the number of computer crimes. Criminals are learning more about the power of digital investigations, hence using more sophisticated methods to carry out their crimes without leaving conventional evidence behind. To identify, respond, analyze and report computer incidents.

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