TANK didn’t arrive! How did subscribers lose millions on signals from crypto bloggers?


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On February 10, Russian crypto bloggers sharply increased activity in their social networks, the reason for this was the new TANK coin, which was supposed to “fly”, but did not fly for long, exactly 4 minutes, after which it fell by 60% and continues to fall at the moment. Subscribers who indiscriminately believed the opinion leaders were dissatisfied with the signal, which resulted in the creation of a telegram chat “those affected by the Tank”, a video exposing crypto bloggers and negative comments under Instagram posts. Most of all, the negative is caused by the fact that bloggers allegedly agreed to create a “pump” at the expense of their audience, wait for the right price and “drain” the coin.
– Behind every coin there is a project, in this case in TANK – it was a game. Attracting an audience happens, including through the purchase of cryptocurrency. People’s interest in a coin is reinforced when a project has a system. It is often interesting for projects to work with bloggers on a long-term basis so that the blogger shows his audience his involvement: how he invests, what profitability he plans to receive, did a review about the company, interviews with the founders, etc. That is, it is through the mechanics of getting to know the project, and not with the coin.

How beneficial is this cooperation for bloggers? What is the working mechanism?

– It is important to understand that each project needs the coin to grow in value. Especially if the founders themselves keep this coin in their wallets or promised a large investor the growth of the coin after some time. Cooperation options may be different, for example:
Option No. 1. Advertising integration. Fixed payment for advertising in social networks. networks, in order for the audience of a crypto blogger to buy a coin, thereby creating a “pump”, and then those who managed to fix their profits.
Option number 2. Opinion leaders invested themselves in the early stages, which made it possible to enter the project much cheaper, then at the expense of their audience, they will earn much more. If we take TANK as an example, a blogger who invested $100,000 sold his coins for $1,000,000 using the pump. There is also such a mechanism. The founders of the project need support from a blogger in order to raise the price on the stock exchange, hold and carry out the necessary manipulations, and accordingly, within the framework of such cooperation, different schemes can be developed for earning a blogger and the interests of the project. In this case, the following happened to TANK: in fact, at a certain moment, a number of bloggers and in addition to them, including trained market makers, bombed this talk to $4 at the moment. And in large volumes, someone simply went into money at the expense of those who just came. That is, roughly speaking crypto bloggers,

Crypto bloggers sell signals. Is it worth participating in such signals at all or is it a roulette and why?

– It is not recommended to participate in signals. Why? Any quick signal should work right now at this second, a person should immediately enter so that it is directly of the highest quality. And that’s why I don’t recommend participating in such signal chats at all. unless it concerns some insights, which is very rare. There is always a reason why the information reached the blogger. Basically, this is the reason most often – to make money on his subscribers or create an audience buzz around a particular topic. And there are crypto bloggers who, using insight, then write some articles, from the series that we bombed some kind of talk and in general we are cool. Then he leads the audience to some closed channels and then earned by selling this closed channel. And then they can also earn at the expense of this audience, attracting them to other projects, earning a percentage of the money raised, and most often just like that in the form of certain pools. And then there are not very good stories, as happened with TANK. This is not uncommon. Not to say that this is the only case – there are many of them on the market and, unfortunately, a lot of different experts have divorced with their channels, who directly actively earn money from their audience, not only calmly advertising something, but also taking their money, in fact, either themselves or without knowing it, go into history, where others take it from the audience this blogger. crypto bloggers That is even worse, in my opinion.

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