Cryptocurrencies For 2022: 5 Market Dominants

Let’s structure knowledge

In 2021, several trends were observed among investors. First, decentralized finance products were gaining popularity. Second, para-chains became more relevant. Third, the ideas and objectives of crypto products have become a fundamental criterion when choosing a product for investment.

In a string of assets, we simply have to think structurally. And to understand what types of crypto projects are presented today. So, let’s imagine that we can conditionally divide existing crypto projects into certain types from the point of view of consumer perception.

From here we deduce Top assets.

Projects that solve the problems of other blockchains, in particular, scalability and interaction with other blockchains, transaction speed, and fees. Stakeblocks, that is, assets backed by dollars; NFTs, Metaverses, and MemCoins.

In addition, we can distinguish cryptocurrencies by capitalization (for example, bitcoin and ether are highly capitalized assets, raven coin and 1inch Network are poorly capitalized).

It is important to understand what assets are stored in the cryptocurrency portfolio by capitalization, as this reduces or increases investment risks, WhiteBIT analyst explains.

Experts emphasize the importance of rebalancing the portfolio of cryptocurrencies, not least taking into account capitalization.

According to CoinMarketCap, today the distribution of dominance in the crypto market is as follows:

bitcoin (BTC) – 42.49%,

ether (ETH) – 18.31%,

tether (USDT) – 4.18%,

BNB – 3.5%,

USDC – 2.79%,

XRP – 2.06%,

Cardano – 1.87%,

Solana – 1.57%,

Terra – 1.09%,

Avalanche – 1.02%.

Others account for the remaining 21.12%.

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