How to make money in the NFT market

Most people in the market do not have any expertise, but there is a desire to earn. These people are the fuel of any market, because they lose on everything:

on training (take courses that really give nothing)
on investments (invest money in projects that are designed for the crowd)
on their own projects (they invest their time, money (sometimes someone else’s) and do not pay off the NFT project – the market is a great opportunity to grow professionally and earn money for entrepreneurs, investors, artists (I include all designers, etc. here). All you need to do is: a great entrepreneur, a great investor or a great artist NFT!

The above doesn’t mean that if you don’t have experience, you shouldn’t try. The

best way to save time and money is to:
1. Understand what area you need to focus on
2. Reduce expectations to adequate experience level: I did projects for 500 thousand rubles, do not expect to sell a collection for $ 500 thousand.
Investing in the purchase of NFT is more likely for someone who:
Likes to analyze everything
Does not pay attention to such cases:
Likes and knows how to make comparison tables
Understands English very well
Quickly understands discord NFT
Able to find insights and see non-obvious relationships
Able to focus on studying some area (develops observation)
Able to formulate own principles for making investment decisions
Able to follow a pre-compiled investment algorithm for himself
Launching your collections is more likely for someone who:
Previously launched Digital projects

Ability to attract investment

Able to control and manage the project development process

Knows how to focus on the result and does not shift responsibility for the project to someone
Able to quickly attract a team of cool specialists
He understands that the project has a budget, goals, deadlines, and all this is in the form described.
If you are a great artist
Not all cool artists are in demand on the NFT market. If you can paint in the style of collections that cost millions of dollars, most likely the market will find an outlet for such an artist.

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