How not to miss IDO/Airdrop announcements in hundreds of telegram channels

It is no secret that there is such a way to promote projects in the crypto industry when a team distributes its tokens or NFTs for free, while the participants either have to take a certain action (share a post on social networks, etc.), or become an early follower or user of the project themselves.

This is how the project gets maximum publicity (freebie🤦‍♂), users get tokens, which (probably) will cost more after a while.
A feature that becomes almost immediately noticeable to those who want to participate in such events is that each of the dozens of launchpads has its own telegram channel with announcements, and dozens more crypto bloggers post referral programs with discounts.

As a result, the entire telegram is littered with such channels, each with several messages a day, and reading them just to find announcements is a pain.

Analyzing the logs of my SmartChannel bot (which reads telegram channels instead of you, and sends you only “important” messages from them, more precisely, those that users began to actively forward / repost), I regularly stumble upon users whose list of added channels consists of roughly

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