How to find an NFT collection to buy


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Let’s imagine that you wanted to purchase a token from the NFT collection. In this short article, I want to tell you where you can find new collections, the sale of which is not yet open, but only planned.
Thus it is possible:

Find a project that suits you and get a spot on the whitelist (this will give you the opportunity to mint the token at a guaranteed price).
Start following a promising project in order to enter it in time.
All the services that will be discussed do not guarantee that the collection will be successful or the developers will not leave with the money after the sold-out
(rug pull).

The article is not intended to tell which projects are worth investing in and which are not.

Do Your Own Research.

Now Twitter is the main place for any NFT project. For one Twitter account, it is already possible to make an analysis of the outgoing collection.

Usually, the most hype collections are in plain sight. If you follow a couple of dozen major influencers, then most likely you will see these projects in your feed. But what about smaller projects, where getting into the whitelist is not so difficult, but which can also be promising?

You can use the search for relevant hashtags. New projects make giveaways with the #NFTGiveaway tag. Whitelist spots can be played under the #whitelist tag. But constant monitoring can take a lot of time, so there are services that collect outgoing collections.

This is one of the services that rank collection tokens by rarity. He has a page with upcoming collections.
In the list, you can immediately see the art, go to social networks, the project website, as well as see the price and date of mint tokens. However, there is no convenient filtering, for example, by the network (ETH/SOL, etc.), or any kind of sorting.

The downside of this service is the lack of notifications. To monitor the site, you need to go to it every time and check for new collections. To solve this problem, we made a telegram bot – it notifies when new collections appear in the list. The bot is free and we are already connecting more resources.

A service is similar to Rarity.Tools with an outgoing collections page. It is better with the presence of sorting and filtering. Collection cards look more compact, their number is greater.

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