Top Crypto-Based Games in 2022


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The current worth of the gaming industry is currently $173 billion. The indicators are showing that in the next five years, the gaming industry will be worth at least $300 billion.

The reason for this boom is the recent players that are taking over the gaming industry. These players have taken hold of the gaming industry through mobile platforms.

The utilization of mobile platforms by these players has brought practicality and accessibility to gaming experiences. The number of gamers globally because of the involvement of these players has increased to 2.6 billion.

Among the number, a lot of gamers do not just play online games alone for fun. Fun and the gaming adventure are no longer the motivation for playing the games.

Players now spend their time playing these online games because of the money they will get for their time. Gamers globally are now monetizing their skills.

The introduction of crypto-based games has given gamers the opportunity to monetize their hobbies. Crypto-based gaming has taken the decision of financials from the developers and put it in the hand of the games.

Crypto-based games are play-to-earn games,  and they are disrupting the gaming industry. The crypto gaming industry is giving the gaming industry an appearance that you cannot overlook.

What are Crypto-Based Games

Crypto-based games are games built on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a public ledger that records and stores information in a way that cannot be altered, tampered with, or hacked.

Cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies have given life to virtual economies and have opened a lot of possibilities for crypto-based game developers globally.

Most crypto-based games have marketplaces. Here, gamers can buy and trade in-game items and elements like avatars, loot boxes, life, and weapons. These items are owned by the gamers because the gaming platform is fully decentralized.

The players in crypto-based games determine their own virtual experiences. Most of the elements in the crypto-based games are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

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The crypto gaming industry became a thing in 2017. Cryptokitties was a crypto-based game that took the lead in revolutionalizing the traditional gaming industry.

The game allowed players to buy, sell and create different kittens virtually as NFTs. The less popular the kitten is, the more the price. The worth of the most expensive kitten in the Cryptokitties game was around $172,000.

This game began the trend for other crypto-based games we have today. In this article, we will be looking at five trending crypto-based games.

Five Top Crypto-Based Games for 2022

Top Crypto-Based Games in 2022

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is arguable the top trending crypto-based game for 2022. Lucky Block is a crypto-based gaming platform that allows gamers to win jackpots daily.

This crypto-based game runs on the Binance blockchain. This crypto game is transparent and fair, so it sets a legacy for most top trending crypto-based games.

The current price pool for luck block is 2.2 million dollars, and players can get into the game by buying a $5 ticket using $LBLOCK (the native crypto token for Lucky Block).

Those players who have $LBLOCK can link their wallets to the game app and receive a free ticket. The tickets come with NFT benefits, and if you have one of these NFT collections, you will get lifetime entry to special prize draws for NFTs.

This prize draw is different from the primary draws in Lucky Block.


Silks is a top trending crypto-related game with P2E elements. This crypto-based game is a cross-over between the cryptocurrency space and horse racing.

The make-up of this game creates a virtual world for the gamers that looks like the real world. In this crypto-based game, you can purchase horses using cryptocurrencies.

The in-game horses in silks are strong and trained real-world horses that you can mint as NFTs. If you have a horse in the game, you can track the progress of the horse in real life.

As the horse in real life gets more training, stables, lands, and skills, you can buy these too in this crypto-based game for your NFT horse.

All these are available in the Silk metaverse. You can buy items using $STT and $SLK tokens. The first is a transactional NFT and the second is Silk governing coin.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a top multi-reward crypto-based game. It is one of the most played in the crypto-based gaming ecosystem. It is a battling game, and its developers got their inspiration from Pokemon.

This crypto-based game has inbuilt creatures known as Axies. These Axies are NFTs, and gamers can buy Axies, breed, and raise them in NFT open marketplaces.

Players who are joining the game for the first time will need at least three Axies to start playing.

You can trade your Axies for SLP (Smooth Love Portion), a cryptocurrency token. Then you can use your SLP to pay for in-game breeding fees. Alternatively, you can trade your SLP on major exchanges.

Axie Infinity runs on the Ethereum blockchain and has a native token called AXS (Axie Infinity Shards). You can earn rewards by holding AXS in your wallet.

Space Misfit

Space Misfit is a top crypto-based game that runs on the Enjin Blockchain. The game is a multiplayer game that allows gamers to explore various worlds. As users explore, they can expand their fleets in the different worlds by collecting resources.

It means that this crypto-based game will allow players to fight with one another for rewards in the in-game galaxies.

Players get rewarded in BITS (the Misfit in-game cryptocurrency coin). Space Misfit allows users to convert their BITS to ERC-20 tokens, then sell them for fiats.

Apart from BITS, this top crypto-based game has a wide range of NFT collections that users can earn as rewards or buy.


Decentraland is a top crypto-based game with very huge potential. The game allows users to buy lands and sell them in the metaverse. Users will buy and sell the lands using cryptocurrencies.

Landowners in the game can get real-life policies into their metaverse lands to determine how the lands will work.

To begin as a player in this top crypto-based game, you will need to develop an avatar. You can only access the metaverse using this avatar, they interact with other players as you explore the Decentraland metaverse.

Buying and selling lands in the Decentraland is with MANA (a native currency in Decentraland). You can buy MANA from cryptocurrency exchanges. Decentraland also rewards players with major tradable NFTs.

Crypto-based games are the in-thing currently, and they are changing the entire narrative of the gaming ecosystem globally. Players are now getting the true definition of time as money. As they play, they get paid.

There is nothing as beautiful as earning money from one’s hobbies. If you are a gamer, then it is time to make the switch and make money from what you love doing. The crypto-based gaming industry is still growing, you are still early if you join in now.

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