Axie Infinity and NFT features in games

Game process

Axie Infinity is a game universe filled with “Axies” that players can collect as pets.

The goal of the players is to breed and grow Axi, build kingdoms for them and of course fight.

The world of Axie Infinity has an economy where players trade the resources they earn.

To earn them, users must take part in different modes:

  • In PVP mode, players compete against each other to achieve a high ranking or get resources.
  • In PVE, players complete missions, defeat bosses, and complete storylines.

The combat system is built on the principle of “idle battle”. This system is also used in Final Fantasy Tactics and Idle Heroes.

Axi are NFT tokens, which means they are unique. Each animal has special properties that determine the rarity and price of the token.

Axi has several classes:

1. Beasts

2. Reptiles

3. Birds

4. Insects

5. Plants

6. Waterfowl

Each class has pros and cons. For example, wars do a lot of damage, but they have little health.

At the same time, reptiles have high health indicators, but are inferior in damage.

Animals can be crossed in order to obtain a new Axi with original characteristics.

NFT Items

In addition to Axi, tokens are also: “lands” and additional items.

“Earths” is the birthplace of mythical creatures and an important element of the gameplay. These are the houses where Axi develops.

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