Swapling_bot helps people from your city to exchange crypto for cash and vice versa


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Users mainly make exchanges for buying or selling cryptocurrencies using bank cards, and the choice of services for this is now huge.

But many have already thought about or even looked for such a direction as the exchange of cryptocurrencies for cash, or vice versa. Yes, various exchangers and p2p sites offer such an opportunity, but basically these are large minimum amounts, plus spending on commissions.

What is important is that in the Russian Federation, the not very clear situation in terms of cryptocurrencies does not encourage us to “shine” our cards once again. Since there are already cases of their blocking during operations with crypto.

How to resolve these moments that cause inconvenience, and the exchange niche with cash is not as actively developed as bank cards.

Swapling Bot is a tool that will help you find an interested party in your city.

How it works? Everything is very simple and affordable Swapling_bot .

Then we go to the username of the user from the application and write to him in the personal account. We make an appointment and when we meet, we use the converter built into the bot for the calculation.

The bot acts as a link between the buyer and the seller, does not take a commission, does not make payments through itself and is not a guarantor of the transaction, since users exchange currencies outside the bot at their own discretion.

If there is no suitable offer, the bot will write about it and the application remains active for 24 hours. And after a day, he will ask about its relevance.

Now we can not see many offers, but this is due to the beginning of this direction and the more people leave their requests for an exchange, the more options they will have for choosing a pair for an exchange.

At the moment, the bot accepts applications for these currency pairs, but the choice will expand according to user suggestions:


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