The Illuvium Metaverse is the Biggest Contender for a GameFi Breakthrough in 2022

GameFi projects have gained great popularity in the wake of the general passion for cryptocurrencies and investments. Play while earning tokens that can be sold – what could be more promising? However, most projects of this kind were either overly commercial, turning out to be a useless add-on to the token farming process, or difficult for ordinary players to understand, or simply bad in terms of graphics and gameplay.

The AAA project Illuvium has every chance of becoming a game that can take the GameFi industry to a new level, making blockchain games truly attractive to a wide audience.

The Illuvium project was launched in March 2021, the development team, which includes not only investors but also competent game developers, was able to raise enough funds to pay for qualified labor. The result is Unreal-powered Illuvium, an open-world team-based RPG adventure game built on the Ethereum blockchain. You can say the best of both worlds, this is a really interesting game with cutting-edge graphics, which has a mining system for NFT creatures and tokens that can be exchanged for “ether”.

The release of the playable version is planned in the coming weeks, before the end of the first quarter of 2022. Anyone can join by pre-registering (free of charge) and receive an activity bonus package – privileged access to rare NFTs, as well as stake ILV tokens in the pool and receive a bonus.

What’s important: There are no registration requirements or KYC forms. You just need to attach a compatible wallet. The developers themselves recommend MetaMask.

Given the overall high level of the project, ILV cannot be classified as one-day tokens, it is quite expensive and is in the top 5 gaming coins . However, if you are interested in investing in GameFi, then Illuvium looks like the most promising for such investments.

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