Illuvium: Biggest AAA Launch for the GameFi Industry in 2022


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In the first quarter of 2022, the GameFi segment of the crypto industry will receive an exceptionally powerful push. At this time, a beta-start of the blockchain game Illuvium is planned , perhaps the first full-fledged AAA project in this area. The strengths of the project include a thorough approach, thoughtful game world and the overall high playability of Illuvium. Unlike the vast majority of projects of this kind, where game mechanics serve only as an add-on to token farming, Illuvium really looks attractive from all sides.
From a visual point of view, Illuvium, powered by the Unreal engine, can be compared to the “classic” Borderlands. The RPG gives gamers the opportunity to travel across a vast digital landscape in search of rare exotic alien creatures called Illuvials. These rare collectible NFT in-game creatures can be looted, collected, captured, and sent into battle. In addition to collecting these animals, you can complete quests that provide insight into the history of the game universe. Players earn in-game rewards in ILV by participating in competitions, tournaments, or completing PVE quests.

The commercial side is ultimately about getting tokens based on ETH. A professional development team, coupled with enough investment raised to pay them, makes play-to-earn, in the case of Illuvium, an experience that actually allows for hours of fun and value. In simple words, Illuvium is beautiful and exciting. In addition, you can get real money for this game.

ILV is the basic network governance token . Token holders gain access to voting rights on the network. Notably, ILV is an ERC20 token powered by the Ethereum blockchain. It can be used for direct transactions between players, as well as buying and selling in-game items.

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