AMA session with Steve Yun, co-founder of the TON Foundation

Yesterday there was a meeting with Steve Yun, one of the founders of the TON Foundation, this time the session was hosted by the Coinvestasi community, a large Indonesian crypto community. In terms of content, there was a similar session with Andrey Rogozov, but in addition to the things that we know, it was told about the general blockchain strategy for the near future, and the custodial staking platform was also presented, which allows you to stake from 1 TON and start earning now.

Niki : Welcome to the Coinvestasi AMA session. We are pleased to introduce Steve Yun @steveyun, founder of the TON Foundation. He is here with us today to share more details about Toncoin and answer all of our questions. The meeting will be divided into three parts: the first part will be an introduction, the second part will answer questions from the community, and the third part will answer your questions in LIVE mode.

Steve Yun: Hi everyone! Glad to be here



Niki: Okay, let’s start with the intro. Steve, could you elaborate on the benefits and motivation for investors to hold TON in the long term?

Steve Yun: Toncoin has the potential to be the first truly mainstream cryptocurrency. TON is designed to provide mass demand through ease of use. One of the main goals of TON is integration into social networks.and products with a large audience. Finally, ordinary users will be able to buy goods and services, such as NFT or decentralized storage, in a user-friendly way using the Toncoin cryptocurrency. Toncoin will be required to access TON Web 3.0. The TON blockchain is a decentralized yet scalable solution for Web 3.0 services such as TON Storage, TON Sites, and TON DNS. Through various integrations with leading applications, TON will attract hundreds of millions of users in 2022 for a unique decentralization technology experience. Telegram subscription payments are one example. Today, Telegram users can pay content creators in Toncoin to subscribe to a paid content channel.

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