Solcial: good project or not?


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Let’s look at a project like Solcial. Solcial is a decentralized social network based on the Solana blockchain. What does it say? This suggests that all data will not be located on network servers, but in IPFS nodes using the P2P mechanism. You can compare this technology for storing and exchanging information with the current blockchain technology and the BitTorrent system. In other words, all your information will not be stored on the server, but in nodes that cannot be hacked or modified.

The first thing the project says is that you are safe and you can not be afraid that someone will steal or use your data against you (unlike the social networks we are used to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, which in turn use your personal information for marketing )

Do an experiment: when using the Instagram network through a mobile application, say words several times a day (for example car). After a day or two, your ads will be filled with foreign car ads or the product you are talking about. Here it is – a vivid example of the use of your personal space for their own purposes by social networks.

Security or permissiveness?

All user content is stored on IPFS and is available through our own P2P layer. Thus, it does not depend on censored servers or gateways. And all operations related to tokens (mining, trading, etc.) take place on the Solana blockchain.

Create a peer-to-peer (P2P) layer over Solana for all content-related operations (feed, posts, likes, etc.). And all operations related to tokens (mining, trading, exchange) are performed on the Solana blockchain. All user content is stored in IPFS and is available through the P2P layer without relying on censored servers or gateways.

By building Solcial on a P2P layer, protected by the Solana blockchain, it is by design impossible to censor content, if you post something, it can stay posted forever as long as someone, somewhere considers that content important, and can’t be removed or canceled by any other party or authority. While there is a policy in place to prevent illegal and egregious content, no dictator or government body will be allowed to force Social to censor anyone’s content.

If this network is so secure that you can freely express yourself and no one will block content due to decentralization, then how will illegal content be dealt with? The answer torments everyone who has come across such projects, who in turn want to be free from the government, but the authorities are still trying to regulate the network.

And so, the answer is simple. The network will have a voting system and a complaints system, content that goes beyond the laws of the whole world will be hidden. For example you saw content on the network that violates all legislative norms on a global scale and do not want such information to walk around all the expanses of the network. You can file a complaint and other sane thinkers will do the same, and with a high enough percentage of complaints about content, posts will be reviewed by the administration and, at worst, hidden. It was also planned to introduce some kind of moderation patrol across the expanses of the network, which would inspect all content in search of illegal actions.

Content Contributor Rewards

How can popular bloggers or ordinary people make money from their content on this network? Upon registration, everyone will be allocated 1 million of their own coins, which can be sold, donated and exchanged within this platform. Thus, a certain system of “investment for a subscription” appears, where users will buy the author’s tokens to study his content on the network. This idea is very fresh and interesting from the point of view of the economic literacy of each user.

There will also be three subscription levels, the first is free, but the second and third are paid with their own distinctive features in the system.

Project tokens, SLC token

What do we know about the SLC token? This token will be used internally to vote on changes to the network, and also to pay commissions within the network. The developers will charge 0.3% of the total commission and burn half, which will create a deflationary model. Also, your personal tokens can be traded against the SLC pair, which will create a scope for using this coin as a kind of intermediary.

Partners and funds

The project is supported by Tier 1 investors: Solana Ventures , Alameda research , Rarestone , Newave Capital , NOIA CapitalGenesis Block ventures, and others. All of them provide the platform with wide support – from industry networks to community marketing.

Personal opinion and result

I believe that this situation in the world is in chaos, in the confrontation between people and regulators of power. People are trying to be more psychologically mature in their views and be ready for progress, which the authorities do not see. Each power is probably backed up by capitalism and democratic justice destroys the economic system created over the years by the pockets of the authorities. Centralization is a system of power over the entire material world of citizens. Decentralization allows everyone to choose their own life and freely dispose of it, but only sane minds will be able to use this system in the right direction. So, the Social network is an opportunity, first of all, f

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