Will Stepn (GMT) and Terra (LUNA) Safe Investments in May?


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Stepn (GMT)

Will Stepn (GMT) and Terra (LUNA) Safe Investments in May?
Source: STEPN price today, GMT to USD live, market cap and chart | CoinMarketCap

Stepn (GTM), is among the most innovative ‘move-to-earn’ digital currencies and adds a new twist to the potential of both cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens.

To earn steps, customers should first own an NFT shoe and thereafter keep a record of how many steps they walk, jog, or run each day. You will receive additional Stepn as a reward for taking more steps.

Crypto specialists are quite excited about this approach as it takes a while to play out. As a result, the value of Stepn has remained constant while the price of other cryptocurrencies has dropped.

Furthermore, Stepn earns profit from various sources. The sale of NFT shoes, and also the licensing costs related with NFT transactions, contribute to the platform’s earnings. Stepn’s long-term worth is enhanced by the fact that it is backed by real money.

Terra (LUNA)

Will Stepn (GMT) and Terra (LUNA) Safe Investments in May?
Source: Terra price today, LUNA to USD live, market cap and chart | CoinMarketCap

Terra (LUNA) is a wonderful investment right now, as the price has decreased dramatically in recent days. This is because the Terra UST stablecoin, which is pegged to $1, has fallen as low as $0.30 at times.

As a result of the volatility, a partner coin that is intended to preserve the price of the UST peg has dropped over 99.9% of its value.

However, if Terra regains its peg, there’s really no guarantee that investors will continue to trust the stablecoin.

Although the project’s developer has contemplated backing the UST token with Bitcoin, this would change Terra’s status from an algorithmic stablecoin to something more akin to Tether.

While Terra was once a crypto community star, considering its current popularity, it may be worth taking a risk on it making a comeback.

If Terra recovers, investors who purchased the coin at its lowest point could profit handsomely.

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