How to Store Bitcoin on MetaMask: A Beginner’s Guide


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For distributed applications (DApps) powered by Ethereum, MetaMask is a well-known wallet.  But can MetaMask serve Bitcoin, which continues to be the largest cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is a significant component of many cryptocurrency investors’ portfolios. Bitcoin can be used as a payment mechanism in addition to being an investment asset. The process of paying with blockchain technology has been considerably simpler thanks to wallets like MetaMask. Millions of investors may take advantage of everything the cryptocurrency industry has to offer thanks to this Ethereum wallet.

To put it another way, MetaMask enables users to safely communicate their private keys with Ethereum-based DApps, as well as smart contracts on websites and mobile applications.

It is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency wallets, and in March 2022, it will surpass the user milestone of 30 million. This is caused by, among other things, the advent of decentralized finance (DeFi) and nonfungible currency (NFTs).

MetaMask Crypto Wallet

How to store Bitcoin on MetaMask: A Beginner’s Guide

The core of blockchain transactions is smart contracts. The terms of these self-executing contracts are encoded on the blockchain as lines of code. However, in order for a blockchain to function, nodes—computers that make up the system—must oversee transactions and provide details about them to other participants in the network. Instead of operating as a node, which can be expensive and challenging to manage, MetaMask runs smart contracts on an already-existing node called Infura. As a result, MetaMask can connect to the network.

The first of MetaMask’s many capabilities is its capacity to store cryptocurrency. You can use it to hold any Ethereum-compatible token in addition to buying and selling Ether (ETH), the main cryptocurrency used on the Ethereum blockchain (like ERC-20, and ERC-721). Trading is an additional function. With the wallet, users may carry out peer-to-peer token swaps without the aid of a middleman.

MetaMask uses data from decentralized exchange aggregators to make sure its users are receiving the best value available. You may play blockchain-based games, access other decentralized Ethereum network apps, and connect to the BNB Smart Chain via the wallet.

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Is MetaMask limited to Ethereum only?

You might be wondering how MetaMask connects to Ethereum at this point and if it is only intended for that network. Right now, MetaMask only works with the Ethereum blockchain and only supports that blockchain.

Users can link their Ethereum accounts to different applications running on the same network by using a global API. It offers suggestions for compatibility with other platforms after reading various details about the data the account is linked to.

So, MetaMask makes it simple to access decentralized apps built on Ethereum if you own ERC-20 tokens or want to do so. All you have to do is download and enable the MetaMask browser plugin.

You will then have the choice to create an account and save your private keys there. You may now quickly access your Ethereum-based tokens, including Cardano, Polkadot, and Solana, once everything is ready.

MetaMask Hardware Wallet

When people initially begin their cryptocurrency inquiry, the topic of protection frequently comes up. It is quite significant, which is why a nice wallet is necessary. Since a hardware wallet can be used to store your cryptocurrency offline, it is frequently advised. Is MetaMask a hardware wallet as well, though?

No.MetaMask is not a hardware wallet, It’s a digital wallet. These online-connected wallets are often known as hot wallets. You may still link MetaMask to a hardware wallet, though. This enables you to utilize MetaMask with a Ledger, the most popular hardware wallet, as well.

To connect your Ledger hardware wallet to MetaMask, launch the ETH app and choose “Connect Hardware Wallet.”

Does MetaMask offer Bitcoin support?

If you’re wondering whether MetaMask natively supports or accepts Bitcoin, the answer is NO.

Although not in a way that an exchange wallet will accept it, MetaMask can support and accept Bitcoin.

How to store Bitcoin on MetaMask: A Beginner’s Guide

Since Bitcoin is not an ERC-20 token (made on the Bitcoin network) and MetaMask is designed for Ethereum-based tokens (ERC-20 tokens), sending BTC to a MetaMask wallet is impossible.

Sending Bitcoins directly to a MetaMask wallet is a horrible idea. The underlying effects would be some detrimental effects, including losing every Bitcoin. However, there are other methods, such as wrapping the BTC, you can use to get your Bitcoin into your MetaMask wallet.

How can Bitcoin be sent to MetaMask?

Since Bitcoin is not an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, it is very difficult to send Bitcoin straight to a MetaMask wallet (ERC-20 token). This does not preclude you from transferring Bitcoin to your MetaMask wallet.

While ETH transactions take place on the Ethereum blockchain, BTC transactions only occur on the Bitcoin blockchain, where they can only be transmitted to Bitcoin addresses.

It’s like sending money in Naira to the UK while sending Bitcoin over the Ethereum network. Since the Naira is not recognized as legal tender in the UK, converting it to Euro will give you the equivalent amount in pounds.

You can add Bitcoin to the Ethereum blockchain as a new token by simply locking it in one location ( the BTC is locked in the Bitcoin blockchain). The Wrapped Bitcoin is a brand-new token that represents bitcoin as an ERC-20 token.

How is Bitcoin packaged?

There are a variety of ways to encapsulate Bitcoin so that it can be kept on the MetaMask wallet.

By selecting “classic” in the trade part of the Binance site, you can exchange two separate tokens, BTC and Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC). You will be directed to the trading platform for the exchange, where you can select a trading pair that includes both BTC and WBTC.

Click “Buy WBTC” to complete the transaction after entering the amount of WBTC you wish to purchase.

MetaTask Wallet Address

The wallet address of your MetaMask is crucial and simple to locate in order to use your WBTC. You can go to the main MetaMask screen by starting the app and logging in. You can locate your special code, which serves as your address, under the account name. Cryptocurrency can be received at this address.

You may divulge this code to others, but you must never divulge any other codes. Your login and recovery information is there to safeguard your possessions. If other people discover these codes, they can misuse them and cost you your cryptocurrency holdings.


The most important goal you have as a cryptocurrency owner is the protection of your coins. You may protect your cryptocurrency from any potential loss or attack with one of the many hardware or software crypto wallets that are now on the market.

However, as long as the Bitcoin is wrapped, MetaMask does not restrict the storage of Bitcoins. It is an excellent wallet for holding Ethereum-based tokens (wBTC). It’s risky to store Bitcoin directly on the MetaMask wallet, thus you shouldn’t do it.

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