How to register on StakeCube Net? Reviews about Steakcube

StakeСube is a PoS staking platform with its own coin, online wallets, crypto exchange, faucets, shared nodes. It serves over 125,000 users and supports over 70 different crypto assets with unique features in over 12 applications.

About the StakeCube platform

The platform is quite old by crypto standards. The project started in 2018 in Germany. Unfortunately, the entire site is in English, without localization into Russian. But enthusiasts support their Russian stakecube community, where instructions for working with the platform are translated and written, and there is also a Russian StakeCube server in Discord

The main idea of ​​the platform is PoS mining. Either the coins of platform users are simply accumulated in one input and mined, or a masternode is launched in a pool. About the launch of the Dash masternode, an example is described on the community website.

Users place their coins on the platform and these coins participate in PoS. In this case, the total amount can be impressive. Each participant, depending on the % of the total coins, receives a reward. This is more profitable than if an individual participant “begged” with his coins on his own. The same mechanism applies to masternodes. Users pool through the platform to collect the required number of coins to run a masternode. And further, after the start of the masternode, the reward is distributed by % between the participants. Of course, by itself, a user with fewer coins simply could not run his masternode.

Coins on your balance can be traded on the built-in StakeCube cryptocurrency exchange , the volumes are relatively small. There is a nice feature, for those coins that you have in orders, PoS is charged. It turns out that even if you trade coins on the exchange, you still get passive income. Cool!

Has its own coin StakeCubeCoin. It is currently trading in the dollar area with little volatility.

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