Return (unstake) of WAX cryptocurrency in the game Alient Worlds

It also makes it easier to access the many other applications and services of the WAX ​​platform through the wallet.

I didn’t know anything about it until the moment when I decided to register in the Alient Worlds game (I outlined my experience in this article ), and it turned out that this wallet needs to be registered and connected to the game in order to receive the mined TLM tokens WAX.

The wallet should not be empty and the developers took care of it. It needs to be replenished regularly with WAX tokens and staked in order to have enough resources to mine TLM in the game.

More or less intelligible information on this phenomenon, I found on the developer‘s website.

“In the WAX ​​ecosystem, the WAX ​​Guilds provide resources for developers and dApp clients to take action on the WAX ​​Network. When using the WAX ​​Blockchain, applications consume the following resources WAX:

“Anyone who owns and stakes WAX Tokens is entitled to the corresponding amount of bandwidth (NET and CPU) . dApp developers can stake their tokens to reserve bandwidth. You must stake your tokens in order to be able to access the blockchain. The more WAX ​​Tokens you wager on bandwidth, the more you can use. You can cancel your bet at any time to get your WAX Tokens back.”

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