Bitcoin Analysis and Forecast

In this issue, I present to your attention my analysis of the Bitcoin market and forecast for the next quarter.

In this issue, you will find answers to many questions about the intermarket connections between Bitcoin and the global financial market, how and why Bitcoin is associated with bonds, stocks and commodities. And how monetary policy affects the Bitcoin market.
02:16 – why do I think that at the beginning of the current monetary tightening cycle, Bitcoin will receive support?

05:53 – the relationship between Bitcoin quotes and the yield of US government bonds. Reasoning about the real return on assets and the distribution of released capital across markets;

09:10 – the ratio of Bitcoin to the US stock market, why this indicator is important for the analysis of Bitcoin;

15:24 – net speculative position in the futures market (CME), which is what speculators are waiting for;

17:13 – I consider quotes through one of the theories of stationarity (deviation from the annual average), what it means and what it signals;19:15 – technical analysis on the weekly chart. Possible long-term goals;

21:04 – technical analysis on a 4-hour scale. What are you waiting for locally?


Summing up the issue: why I bought Bitcoin, what is my plan for the future, in general about the Bitcoin market and its main determinants.

We bring you the Latest News and Updates on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency & NFTs.

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