Warner Music Group Partners With OpenSea To Boost Web3 Opportunities For Artists.


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To boost Web3 options for artists, Warner Music Group teams up with OpenSea.

The company officially confirmed that a few artists will be able to introduce their NFT collections and limited-edition projects on their own special drop pages.

In order to give a platform for a few musical artists to expand their following within the Web3 community, non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea and Warner Music Group (WMG) announced their agreement on September 29.

According to the press announcement, the partnership between these two organisations will enable a select group of WMG artists to gain early access to a newly launched feature of OpenSea that allows artists to launch their NFT collections and limited-edition projects on their own specialised drop pages.

These WMG artists will get access to OpenSea’s industry safety and security measures as well as personalised storytelling on individualised landing pages.

The partnership will offer existing OpenSea fan communities new opportunities for engagement and creativity through NFTs and give fans new opportunities to interact with music and artists within the Web3 network.


The collaboration seeks to support WMG artists in launching innovative Web3 communities. Vice President of Products of OpenSea, Shiva Rajaraman, shared:

“For artists and musicians, NFTs represent a new creative medium and a mechanism to form community, interact with fans directly, and express themselves across borders and languages,”.

Warner Music Group partners with OpenSea To boost Web3 opportunities for artists.

“Community is fundamental to music’s DNA; it’s artists and fans joining together to celebrate the music that they love,” added Oana Ruxandra, chief digital officer and executive vice president of business development at WMG.

By providing Web3 technologies and resources provided, our partnership with OpenSea provides opportunities for artists to create chances for greater involvement, access, and ownership.

A collaboration between Web3 company Probably Nothing and Warner Records UK is presently creating the first music collection NFTs. The most recent attempt to enhance the music label’s understanding of the Web3 market, according to WMG, is this collaboration.

Warner Music Group previously declared cooperation with fantasy-themed collectable card game developer Splinterlands to produce play-to-earn blockchain games in the arcade style.

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