The story is not a hamster: how I started investing in bitcoin and what is happening with the portfolio now


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My story is more about the harsh truth of investing in crypto, how you can earn 50%, be greedy, hoping to earn more, then sit down to bite your elbows (I try not to do this myself, but I have met many such greedy people).

In several parts I will try to talk about the basic rules of investing that I adhere to, they seem to be working so far. But let’s start, as it should be with an acquaintance, so in this part I will tell you how it all began.

In general, I have always liked the very idea of ​​​​working now so as not to work later , moreover, I am not a fan of physical labor, but a follower of a more intellectual one. I am very excited about the idea that while I sleep, my money is doing something and multiplying itself. Moreover, if you constantly work, you will not have time at all to earn money – the quote is not mine, but someone smart said and I agree with him.

And in general, it seems that not working is in every Russian’s blood. And all these beautiful folk tales “by pike command” became the reason for this. By the way, I advise you to read this one, I recently had such an experience with my children, there is no morality at the end and it is very sad
My passion for crypto began when I heard about bitcoin from some box and I also wanted to try it , for the sake of interest and profit bitcoin

The problem was that there was really no material to study anywhere, and I didn’t understand where to start either. Therefore, I had to dig up relevant content from scratch, flip through websites dedicated to crypto for weeks, study the necessary videos and learn from my own mistakes
My experience of investing in the stock market bitcoin
My investment experience began with investments in the stock market. It happened in 2020 during the first wave of the pandemic, when all stocks fell hard. Then I thought that while everyone was running around in a panic, I could go into the market and get fast X’s. Was there a risk? Yes, of course there was, but I still started investing with an amount of 100,000 rubles and collected at that time a portfolio consisting of:

50% Shares of Russian companies for good growth
20% Currency ETF bonds for currency diversification
30% FX Equity ETF low volatility for diversification and hedging

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