Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series 3 Sales


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Hot Wheels is a car brand based in America. The brand models cars that Mattel the American toy maker introduced in 1968. Up until 1997 before Mattel purchased Tyco Toys, it was Matchbox’s biggest competitor. Before buying Matchbox, Tyco Toys was the owner of Matchbox

Since then, a lot of companies that manufacture automobiles have given licenses to Hot Wheels to produce their car’s scale models. Hot Wheels make these cars using the original design details and blueprints.

The original target audience for Hot Wheels was first children, then young adults. Today, the brand is very popular among adult collectors. For these adults, Hot Wheels have been able to produce a few limited edition cars.

For over 50 years, collectors have known Hot Wheels for its crazy tracks and die-cast toys. If you are reading this article, I am sure you probably have one of the Hot Wheel cars on your shelf or you are planning to get one.

During the pandemic in 2020, the cryptocurrency ecosystem gained a lot of interest from the public. This interest gave rise to Non Fungible Tokens and brought NFTs to the limelight. Non Fungible Tokens are items with serials existing in the digital world, users can trade them using cryptocurrencies

Just like every other platform, Hot Wheels has come into the cryptocurrency ecosystem bringing in its NFT garage via WAX (World Asset eXchange).

In 2021, Hot Wheels sold out their series one, and some months later Hot Wheel and WAX came back for the Series two which was sold out too. The Series 2 was an upgraded version of the series 1.

Now, the two companies are back for the Hot Wheel Garage Series 3.

This next garage series is an embodiment of originality, the spirit of the garage, and originality. This NFT garage series will be nothing short of Hot Wheels.

The Hot Wheels has been a dominant toy car series since 1968. Every collector wants to buy the coolest model once it drops on the toy car scene every year.

Most car lovers can attest to one thing: the Hot Wheel series has aided them in clearing the road for their counterparts in real life.

This Hot Wheel brand has raised the bar of performance and design in the automobile industry, both on large and small scales. Everything that the Hot Wheels series have done or is doing is a reflection of today’s car culture.

Following the amazing Hot Wheel NFT collection events that were sold out, the dream of NFT collectors is about to come true again. Hot Wheel is about to release Series 3, and this series will burn rubber on WAX. The sold-out Hot Wheel NFT series was the Garage 1 and 2 series.

The Hot Wheel Series features the likes of the Pagani Zonda R, ’77 Pontiac Firebird, and the ’69 COPO Corvette. Among the collection are also lots of amazing Original Hot Wheels like the Baja Bone Shaker®, Bad to the Blade™, and 2JETZ™.

As an NFT collector, if you were not part of the last sale, another opportunity is here again.

How To Buy The Hot Wheels Garage Series 3 NFT

On the 7th of July, 2022, Packs go on sale. The sale will begin at 10 am PT/1 pm ET. Then immediately after all the packs are delivered, unboxing will start.

Now, let us have a peep into the most amazing Hot Wheel designs. These designs are not as popular as others may be.

What’s New This Time Around?

Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series 3 Sales

There are 50 liveries decks in a mini-collection having four themes in the new Hot Wheel NFT Garage Series 3. The four themes are HW Dream Garage, Wild Terrain, Street Power, and HW Race Day. These mini collections have 10 models each, spread across several rarities.

There are 5 known rarities, they are:

  • Base: 67.11% chance
  • Premium: 3.58% chance
  • Show Room: 0.11% chance
  • NFTH: 0.56% chance
  • Rare: 28.64% chance

Content Of Each Pack

Currently, the number of available packs is 31,929. Every pack of $25 comes with seven cars. As an individual NFT collector, you can only get 4 packs at once.

Some of the packs may carry cars that are very rare to find, these cars may be die-cast cars in reality. If you do not get ready, you might miss the next big NFT sales.

Hot Wheel fans will get one out of 25 chances to get a Treasure Hunt or Premium (NFTH) vehicle. Fans who get these NFTH cars can redeem them for a real-life Hot Wheel limited edition die-cast version of the featured NFT cars.

These cars are limited edition collectible vehicles that are not available anywhere else. To buy the Hot Wheel NFT cars, you will need a credit card and an account with WAX Cloud Wallet.

Promo Packs For Free

The Hot Wheel NFT conveners will be giving away a special edition promotion NFT car for free. The promotion is to celebrate the Hot Wheel Garage Series 3.

To get this free NFT car promo from Hot Wheels, users will need to carry out simple social tasks and stand a chance of winning one, out of the 500 free promotion NFT cars.

Everything For The Love Of The Cars

The fanbase of Hot Wheel cuts across all generations, and now they have been offered an innovative and new way to become part of the brand and celebrate with it.

As a Hot Wheels lover, you should be ready to get a hold of the wheels when the Garage Series 3 comes around.

If you are an NFT collector, or you want to become one after looking at the Hot Wheel collection, you are about to get the ride of your life with the Hot Wheel Garage Series 3.

The Hot Wheel Garage Series 3 NFT will be the next big thing happening in the NFT ecosystem. Just as expected, this NFT collection will be sold out even faster than the Garage Series 1 and 2.

If you missed the opportunity of owning a Hot Wheel car in the NFT Series 1 and 2 sales, here is another opportunity you should cash in on as fast as possible.

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