Hackers Hacked the Wormhole DeFi Platform and Stole $325 of Cryptocurrencymillion

The developers of the platform offered the attackers $10 million for a refund.

  • Attackers entered the system through a vulnerability report published on GitHub, according to The Verge. First, the company announced that it closed the platform for technical work, and then confirmed the hacking and theft of money.
  • The hackers bypassed the transaction signature verification, withdrew 120,000 wETH tokens from the server, exchanged them for Ethereum, and sent them to their account.
  • After the hack, Wormhole representatives asked the hackers to return the stolen money and offered $10 million in return – the company sent a message to their Ethereum wallet address.
  • Wormhole offers users financial services, such as loans, loans and deposits, but in cryptocurrency and without the participation of banks.
  • In December 2021, hackers hacked the Poly Network DeFi platform and stole $600 million from it, the largest theft in the history of such hacks. That same month, hackers hacked BadgerDao and stole $120 million worth of cryptocurrencies.
  • In January 2022, the same thing happened with the Qubit Finance platform – $80 million was stolen.
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