GBOX: what is it and why is it needed


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It’s no secret that we’ve moved to Web 3.0 and started exploring and creating metaverses as well. Today we will look at a promising NFT trading platform.
And so, GBOX is a multi-chain NFT trading platform created for the assets of the Game and Metaverse universes, in other words, it is a platform for games and the metaverse, integrating aggregate trading and ecological incubation.

Gbox is launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain and supports other blockchains such as Ethereum , Polygon , and Fantom . You can find and buy popular games and NFT metaverses on Gbox, and earn $GBOX tokens by trading your assets. Gbox is also a community-driven DAO. The project brings together all the forces of the community to support developers in the field of ecological incubation and explore the latest high-quality games and investment opportunities.

Why another NFT trading platform?
The platform is not just a platform, but also the largest NFT ecosystem. The advantages are: low commissions (2%), ease of use, scalability and cooperation with other large projects. Also, let’s not forget about the security of assets and the absence of vulnerabilities on the platform. DAO governance also plays a big role and the entire team will be rewarded.

The purpose of the GBOX project
The vision of the platform is to connect games, players, traders, guild organizations, etc. Create a rich gaming ecology, create a free and open virtual world, and become the infrastructure of blockchain games and the metaverse.
The first goal is to become the leading game aggregation platform and Metaverse on the blockchain, allowing players to have the best asset trading experience and entertainment income. Gbox is a community-driven marketplace. It is also a win-win solution for multiple parties in the blockchain gaming ecosystem. The project ensures a fair distribution of $GBOX tokens in order to distribute platform revenues among all real users in the community. Gbox was born in the community, so more high-quality projects will also be found through Launchpad and return future benefits to the community GBOX.

Mystery Box
Gbox will partner with quality projects from time to time to co-sell or airdrop boxes. The number, content and sales of airdrops depend on the project. Gbox will seek to gain exclusive rights to launch more great Mystery Box projects and use Gbox applications and ecology to provide more NFT use cases in Mystery Box.

The Mystery Box usually contains various levels of rare items that can be used and traded.
The Mystery Box will be released as a pre-sale and public sale.
The release time, the total amount and the number of one-time purchases of the Mystery Box are limited, and popular projects often have to be snapped up.
If you are lucky enough to pull a low probability rare item, you will earn a higher rate of return GBOX.

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