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One of the most famous blockchain programming languages, was created to write smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. As the first smart contract language to run on top of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), it has gained widespread adoption.

Largely based on the well-known JavaScript programming language, making it accessible to developers willing to learn new code

While Solidity is mostly associated with Ethereum, its popularity is growing and it could dominate blockchain development. This gives users the ability to create quality decentralized applications. Several other blockchains such as Hyperledger Fabric support Solidity.


Many operating systems and games use C++ as their base language, making it popular with developers around the world.

C++ is considered to be a highly efficient and optimizable language suitable for blockchain transactions requiring speed. Because C++ is one of the oldest languages, it can be easier for developers to learn.

Major blockchains such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Stellar and Monero use C++


According to CodingNomads, which analyzed thousands of job postings in the US and Europe, Python was ranked as the most in-demand programming language for 2022.

Python is an open source language that supports object-oriented programming. This code is said to be beginner-friendly – it also offers a huge library of resources and can be dynamically typed so that the user doesn’t have to remember the entire architecture of the system they’re building. This language was used to create the LUNA blockchain, to create contracts for NEO, and to develop smart contracts for Hyperledger.


Unlike Solidity, Rust does not depend on cryptography, which makes it available to the existing developer pool. It is used by popular protocols such as NEAR, Compound and Solana. Like Solidity, Rust can be used to write smart contracts, but is also popular in the gaming community.


It is a project built on the Polkadot blockchain, completely free and open source, created using the Rust programming language

Substrate connects applications on public blockchains and also creates bridges to other networks

While learning a new programming language can be intimidating, it is clear that whoever takes on this task will not lack job offers as the blockchain industry expands into the metaverse.

The Web3 developer ecosystem is growing and in demand, and these languages ​​are critical components of the blockchain world.

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