Bitcoin Educational Tools and Platforms For Kids


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The toys, games, and tools around for teaching children about the Bitcoin network and sound money. This education is necessary because there will eventually be children who will use the bitcoin network soon.

Now, we are facing crypto winter. It is a time of trial for a lot of people as the prices of cryptocurrencies are going down. But the truth is that this time is the best to build and get education about the crypto ecosystem.

For some bitcoin investors, this bear market is the best time for tree planting and meme creation. For the kids, the bear market is a recession that they should accept, the bear market will widen the horizon of Bitcoin Minors.

Continue reading to know about Bitcoin-based games, and learning tools to know why kids must learn about sound money. Also, the discussion bordered around the best methods of teaching these kids.

SHAmory Bitcoin Game

An SHA-256 portmanteau, SHAmory (the function of cryptography that hashes put in Bitcoin), and memory are some of the bitcoin best seller games. The games target kids from four years and above.

The creator of these games, Scott Sibley mentioned that he created the game and book because he had a particular toddler in mind.

Part of the thing Scot and his wife came up with is the Goodnight Bitcoin. The Goodnight Bitcoin and other books make up the burgeoning bookshelf of Bitcoin-related books. Scot has shown himself as a passionate bitcoin educator.

As stated, part of the things creators should be doing is teaching children about finance and destroying the money taboo.

Here is what he said, “Financial education, especially financial education that includes Bitcoin, is something that kids aren’t going to receive in most ‘traditional’ schools. So right now it’s on bitcoin parents to find ways to weave that education at home.

For Scott, the key to long-term adoption of bitcoin is tied to kids learning about the Bitcoin Network now. Kids need to start doing things like recognizing and interacting with minors such as the bitcoin logo at least.

Also, they need to start playing these bitcoin-based games, especially by Sibley to understand the modalities of bitcoin mining.

In addition, the Gen Z generation has an advantage, they have a headstart in getting to know these intangible digital products. Scott Sibley said,  “Transacting in Bitcoin is going to be no different than buying a new skin or level in a video game they are currently playing.”

BitPoly Bitcoin Game

Fold App’s (a debit card for Bitcoin rewards) co-founder Will Reeves is also a co-founder of the Bitopoly Bitcoin game.

Here is what Reeves stated, “the first version of Bitopoly emerged from a conversation around a dinner table in which we were attempting to teach friends and family members about Bitcoin.”

He said: “Games provide a great way for people to understand a complex concept by ‘experiencing’ it rather than be ‘taught’ it. Humans have always used games to play this role throughout history, helping people come to understanding on their terms.”

Just like Scott, Reeves mentioned that one way the next generation will adopt Bitcoin is by teaching children, the target should be kids without “preconceived notions.”

Reeves added, “Kids do not approach Bitcoin with a lifetime of preconceived notions, thus they can understand it faster and with less pushback against their own bias.

Games provide a great way for people to understand a complex concept by ‘experiencing’ it rather than being ‘taught’ it. Humans have always used games to play this role throughout history, helping people come to understanding on their terms.

Kids do not approach Bitcoin with a lifetime of preconceived notions, thus they can understand it faster and with less pushback against their own bias.”

Reeves made a comment that will ring true to some adults, he said: “Bitcoin is a hard process of unlearning their previously held thoughts and understandings about what money is.”

Sats Ledger

Bitcoin Educational Tools and Platforms For Kids

Sats Ledger founder, MTC stated, “I wanted to share Robert Breedlove and other Bitcoiners,” with his family.

MTC knows that in reality, no kid who is 5 years old will sit and listen to Breedlove’s podcast for one hour, talking about sound money, tax system evolution, and the first principles of libertarian.

MTC talked about his childhood, he mentioned that as a child he loved to save. He mentioned that as a child, he will save carefully filled-out books and watch his accumulations grow.

He added: “kids don’t like being cheated out of things, and ‘mine’ is one of the first concepts that a kid understands,” and this spurred the birth of Sats Ledger.

According to MTC, Sats Ledger is a physical fun saving playbook for kids. Kids can put their satoshi savings there, and it is money that no one can take from them.

Kids can use the Sats’ Ledger to hold their money and Bitcoin. By doing these, they will be learning how to use low-time preferences for HODLing.

MTC further said, “If you can encourage kids to see their savings growing then it puts them on the path to understanding sound money and Bitcoin.”

BitPiggy Piggy Bank

A Bitcoin twist was hatched on the childhood saving device, Pigtoshi Nakamoto (a childhood saver too). The saving device is called the Piggy Bank. The operation of the BitPiggy is with OpenDime.

OpenDime is a Bitcoin USB drive that allows users to buy things with bitcoin as they would buy with dollars. The BitPiggy aims to teach children how to save money in Bitcoin.

BitPiggy partnered with SHAmory by Sibley, and this partnership should produce more games and toys in the ecosystem.

Here is what Pigtoshi said, “I figured it out early that if I saved early in life then things would get easier later in life. Especially when you’re young. It’s when you’re young, that’s when you can get ahead.”

Bitcoin Ballers Academy

Furthermore, Coach Carbon, a Bitcoiner who lives in the United Kingdom has merged soccer with Satoshi’s invention.

He is the founder of Bitcoin Ballers Academy, this is what he shared about the Academy: “Here, kids work to combine “proof-of-work, personal responsibility and fighting the FUD in a footballing journey,”

For Coach Carbon, it does not stop at promoting bitcoin, he said, “The main thing is to get at ‘what is money?’ It’s not just currency, it’s time, its value and its energy.

This question is not asked enough, and if it’s not talked about in schools then where are people going to learn that?”

Currently, just two out of the 195 countries have adopted bitcoin. It means that the global rate of adoption is below 1%. So, the massive adoption of bitcoin by countries is a project that may not be achieved anytime soon.

The way we can foster the adoption and shorten the time is to expose kids to these bitcoin games. When they learn about bitcoin, the rate of adoption will increase as they grow up to become teenagers and even adults.

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