Impressions of the DEFI project Choise​


- Advertisement - is a MetaFi (CeFi/DeFi) ecosystem, a symbiosis of Сrypterium CeFi and Charism #DeFi, a rethinking of the standard way to interact with #CeFi.
It is a set of high yield tools with easy access to Defi for 100 million CeFi users Crypterium
users get access to a high yield Defi ecosystem.

DeFi users get access to the CeFi infrastructure, including fiat transactions. #MetaFi
success formula : high income + user-friendly interface + payments in fiat.

The team has another project: Cryptocurrency wallet “ Crypterium ”, the project has been running since 2018. This project is a kind of continuation of the main project, which expands its functionality and provides access to new financial instruments.
I became interested in this project about a month ago (at the beginning of January 2022.).
The project seemed attractive, the application was well implemented, it has been working since 2018.

There were about 5,000 people on Twitter at that time, which is not very many, but it was just the beginning, so this fact did not bother me at all.

There is a lot written about the project on the site, there is a registration form, but there is a complete absence of deadlines, the format for distributing tokens, and generally the rules for participation. ran a contest that served as the only timeline guide, as ended 10 days after I signed up. I joined all the communities, fulfilled all the conditions of the contest in and waited.
On the 10th day, when I, like many others, was waiting for information about how and when the token sale would be held, but the counter resets and starts counting again 15 (I don’t remember exactly) days.

When asked in the community by the moderators why this happened and when the token sale would take place, users received an answer that the information in does not mean anything, the time frames are given there just like that. The time and date of the distribution of tokens will be announced later, please wait.

This fact was the first wake-up call.

Nothing to do but wait.

Being in the community, I begin to notice that the activity is extremely low. Only a dozen people write messages and everyone is very enthusiastic. There are about 9,000 people in the English-language telegram group. Such low activity is alarming DEFI project.

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