TOP 5 best NFT games (or NTF earning games)

The author’s telegram channel AbmaCrypto is in touch. Today we will understand the key direction in the development of cryptocurrencies for 2022 – crypto games. We will talk about games with the opportunity to earn – Play-to-Earn games.

This is the hype that has come to us from 2021 and remains significant. The media headlines keep screaming about the opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars a day playing games. No matter how surprising it may sound for a hard worker in a factory, it is true. Or not?

We will figure out how you can make money on NFT games, what role NFTs play, where to store NFTs. At the end of the article, we will compile the top NFT games in which you need to invest now, but it is better to run and play. Let’s go!

What is NFT

NFT (non-fungible token) is a non-fungible token built on the blockchain. The peculiarity is that it is unique and has no analogs. This is more like handmade items, each of which can be very similar to the previous one, but will never repeat it completely. NFTs are unique, cannot be counterfeited, and cannot be stolen.

This property of NFT has made it an ideal tool for digitizing art objects – paintings, music, videos. NFT art has become wildly popular and can often be heard being sold for millions of dollars. The hype around such art objects began last spring when one art was sold for $69 million –

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