Which country has the highest NFT adoption rate?

In the blockchain world, data is everything, and reconciling that data can be problematic. So, in order to help investors make sense of the industry, Bankless Times gathers useful information about the impact and spread of NFTs in different countries by studying a huge amount of statistical data.

Bankless has compiled a list of 10 countries with the highest levels of NFT implementation. In short, the report is based on a survey of 28,000 people around the world who were asked about their current NFT ownership. It displays information based on NFTs held, purchase intent, and general acceptance. The result is a fascinating report that holds a number of surprises.

First, for clarity, let’s look at the level of acceptance of the crypto industry as a whole.

NFT adoption rate by country

According to the data obtained, it can be seen that not a single Western country is in the top ten. Instead, most of the seats are occupied by South America and Southeast Asia, as well as Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates, representing Africa and the Middle East, respectively. This list reflects the level of adoption of cryptocurrencies in general. However, it is the Philippines that takes the first place in the level of adoption of NFTs, in no small part due to their massive implementation of Axie Infinity, we have already written about this earlier.

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