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Tag: DeFi

FBI Warns Investors To Exercise Caution Before Investing In DeFi Platforms.

In a recent discovery, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released a fresh warning to cryptocurrency investors over the growing activity of stealing cryptocurrency by taking advantage of loopholes in...

CeDeFi: All You Need To Know About Centralized Decentralized Finance

What is CeDeFi? CeDeFi combines CeFi and DeFi, using the best features and attributes of the two financial systems. Before now, these two financial systems existed separately; centralized finance (CeFi), a traditional finance...

5 Best Cryptocurrency To Watch And Invest In 2022

There are thousands of projects coming up in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Every day, new projects get launched into the ecosystem. While some of these projects get successful, others go down the drain.Our...

Hacker Loses $8000 Worth Ethereum While Trying To Attack Near Protocol’s Rainbow Bridge

The hacker lost Ethereum 5 in the process, but the Rainbow Bridge, which enables the transmission of cryptographically verifiable data between Near (NEAR) and Ethereum (ETH), has managed to withstand another attack.The CEO...

Yield Farming: Everything you need to know before Investing

You must be wondering what yield farming is.Simply put, yield farming includes the process that enables crypto holders to lock up their holdings, thereby providing them with great rewards. Therefore, yield farming...

Proof Of Work & Proof Of Stake Explained

The history of bitcoin is kept secure and arranged into sequential blocks using the proof of work consensus mechanism. The proof of work (PoW) consensus mechanism consumes a lot of electrical energy...

AI Has Elevated Crypto Trading To An Entirely New Level.

The current market environment is hard for crypto investors, but this decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) claims that Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered portfolios can provide traders with a significant advantage.It has been a rough...

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