GameFi educational program – we understand play to earn games

How do play-to-earn games work?
Let’s take Axie Infinity as an example.

In order to start playing, the user must assemble a team of 3 Aksi (in-game characters).

You can either buy them. Or rent: the player receives them for free, and then pays with the funds received during the gameplay GameFi .

After, you can start playing. For the gameplay, the player receives a cryptocurrency, which can be:

1. Sell on the market

2. Submit for staking

3. Buy new Axis

Axi is a non-fungible token (NFT). You can buy several characters, then cross them. And sell the resulting animal. The higher the rarity, the more expensive it is.

From this we draw up a scheme of work “P2E”:
1. Purchase of tokens

2. Gameplay – battles, completing tasks, etc.

3. Cryptocurrency reward

4. Making a profit (staking, selling NFTs)

5. Back to the second point

There are some differences, for example, a number of projects do not require payment for a character – a complete “Free-2-play”. We are currently considering implementing this model in our project Rotgar – RPG with turn-based combat on The Open Network blockchain .

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