Top NFT projects in 2021: Cryptopunks, Axie Infinity, BAYC, NBA TopShot and Decentraland


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Hello! Despite the fact that at the very beginning of 2021, blockchain and cryptocurrencies were on everyone’s lips for a long time, only a narrow circle of crypto enthusiasts heard about NFT. However, non-fungible tokens quickly attracted the attention of the public, and over the past year they have become one of the burning topics of discussion and the main art trend. Here we told why brands create NFTs, and in this article we have collected the top NFT projects for 2021 for you!


Of course, our selection could not do without the most popular and the first collection of NFTs – cryptopunks, which have become a real legend in the NFT market. Created in 2017 by the Larva Labs team, the project did not immediately gain wild popularity and a huge circle of fans. Initially, many of the tokens from this collection were distributed for free, unless the person who wished to pay the corresponding commission for a transaction on the Ethereum network. But as the popularity of NFTs grew, so did the cost of cryptopunks. At the moment, the price of the most expensive image was $11.75 million, and the total trading volume exceeded $2 billion!

The collection consists of 10,000 8-bit images of eccentric characters. All cryptopunks have characteristics that are repeated more often or less often, and accordingly, the rarer the attribute, the more expensive the lot. The pictures were created on the basis of generative art – a unique character was generated from a set of attributes, among which there are people, monkeys, aliens and even zombies.

Despite their simplicity, we would not deny that cryptopunks have made a great contribution to contemporary art, because they have served as an inspiration for many digital artists and the development of other NFT projects!

Axie Infinity

A game inspired by Pokémon GO and implemented on the blockchain that has replaced work for many players. Sounds interesting, and you’ve probably already heard about it. 2021 saw a boom in decentralized games, one of which is Axie Infinity, which has become a real hit.

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