Is it necessary to invest in NFT games and how they work: Axie Infinity case study


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Why everyone wants to get into the NFT
This is due to the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Syndrome.

“Someone, having neither special skills nor talents, made millions of dollars out of nothing, and you just sit. You could have been in his place,” an inner voice whispers when you see the news headlines.

And this voice cannot be silenced so easily. It is no coincidence that the syndrome of lost profits is one of the most effective tools of influence. And as a result – similar materials come out.
It is already clear that the metaverses, GameFi and the Ready Player One scenario are an obvious inevitability.

Let’s see what opportunities and threats this new world is fraught with. How can simple hard workers understand when to enter this area, so as not to feel behind the times, but also not to get burned by losing money?

But first, let’s recall some information from the basic course of economics.

Where does the price of things come from?
The basic premise of economic activity is the creation of goods aimed at meeting the needs of people Axie Infinity.

Economic activity is the process of converting resources into a product with the help of production resources. Production resources are a set of natural, social and spiritual forces that can be used in the process of creating goods, services and other values Axie Infinity.

Thus, the real value of any product is the total cost of all the production resources required to create it
One of the most significant production resources is human capital. Most often, its assessment occurs at the time of hiring. The employer evaluates performance and reports how much he is willing to pay for it. As a result, a person receives a regular income that provides for his life, and the employer receives his labor and the profit that this labor generates Axie Infinity.

If you dig even deeper, it turns out that on a systemic basis, only labor brings benefits to human society. The price of a commodity, in turn, is expressed in money. Money allows not to use barter, but at the same time it is easily converted into labor. If money is not backed by useful labor, it has no value.

Ultimately, the real price of a commodity is the value of human labor invested in the formation of this commodity at all stages of production. If we discard the terminology and simplify as much as possible, then the general scheme of all economic activity

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