How to create an NFT and earn? And what does Morgenstern with TON have to do with it?


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I must say right away that for analysis, I took the new NFTs that are being prepared for Toncoin – a cryptocurrency, every crypto enthusiast has heard of it. Many years have passed since this asset was associated with the Telegram project. Now it is a completely independent coin that can surprise with a number of innovative solutions. And also, for starters, Morgenster plans to make his first digital business on TON, or rather, launch a marketplace with NFT.

What separates a good NFT from a bad one

A good NFT is not only a well-prepared picture but also a detailed background. The image should reveal the story to the person so that several digital items can be linked into a single collection. With this, the Ton Tegro Cat project is doing just fine. Especially in conjunction with the product of Tegro, which is developing new types of payments on the Internet, including cryptocurrencies of the TON network. It was decided to release a separate collection of NFTs called Ton Tegro Cat on the TON platform. It will be useful to know what the project is and how it can interest collectors.

Let’s look at the example of one collection about cats, how they made it so that they make sense, and why are these not just pictures? The collection is directly related to events in the real world. In connection with the COVID-19 epidemic, people had to close their homes and not go outside, so as not to get infected. Cats took advantage of this state of affairs, deciding to take the place of people, walking the streets, and living like ordinary people. Ultimately, this led to the development of intelligence in 9,999 cats, which are now hard to call our smaller brothers. From now on, they decided to live a human life, leaving behind their natural dexterity and developed instincts.

Such a story is quite pulling on a Hollywood movie. It’s hard to imagine how long it took to come up with such a unique selection of non-interchangeable images. The only question is, why should you buy these NFTs?

How to create value for your NFTs?

Again, a specific example, the owners of this NFT series can count not only on an increase in the value of the asset itself but also on a number of interesting bonuses. Among the advantages ( taken from their bot ):

  • Integration with the company’s ecosystem, allows you to reduce the commission for each operation.
  • No additional commission when withdrawing funds through an affiliate program.
  • Increased staking percentage.
  • Chance to launch your own advertising through the Tegro service!
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