Electricity consumption in Siberia quadrupled due to cryptomining

Electricity consumption in the Irkutsk region of Russia quadrupled in 2021 due to gray mining

The increased demand for energy has led to power outages, TASS reports. The surge in the price of bitcoin last year, along with China’s crackdown on the cryptocurrency, caused miners to flock to Irkutsk, Yevgeny Vechkanov, director of the Irkutsk Electric Grid Company, told TASS cryptomining.

In the first half of January, seven Boeing-737s with mining rigs from China arrived in Irkutsk, said Oleg Prichko, CEO of the Baikal Energy Company cryptomining.

“Irkutsk is probably the largest region for illegal mining. Some miners tap into residential power sources and enjoy roughly $0.01 household tariffs, so the government is pursuing them,” Denis Russinovich, co-founder of CMG Cryptocurrency Mining Group and CoinDesk, told CoinDesk. Maverick Group

Andrey Zhdanov, head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the regional Glavka, spoke in favor of a ban on mining and told TASS that residents of Irkutsk even install mining equipment in dog kennels

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