Cryptocurrencies warm the planet. What is the future of miners due to the growing claims against them for environmental reasons?


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Over the past decade, the blockchain has grown from the original decentralized currency of Bitcoin to a plethora of applications and platforms competing for user attention. Therefore, the development of the cryptocurrency market today is the development of high-tech technologies of the future that are in demand in society.

The founding principles of blockchain — decentralization, distribution, immutability, and security — are as relevant today as they were 10 years ago. But what about other important aspects, such as scaling as users grow, caring for the environment, and reducing your carbon footprint? How about ease of use and accessibility for everyone? Blockchain must be able to grow and adapt – not only in terms of transactions per second, but also in terms of transaction volume, accessibility, ease of use, and sustainability.

In 2022, the entire digital asset segment is sure to be very sensitive to environmental issues. We can expect this asset class (combining over 16,100 different tokens) to take a greener path in the coming months and years.

Against the backdrop of growing discussions about the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the Russian Federation, miners should think about switching to the production of so-called green coins. Those that require a minimum of energy consumption during mining.

Cryptocurrencies that are mined on hard drives are becoming more and more popular not only among miners and crypto enthusiasts but also among long-term investors. The most popular of them are Signum (SIGNA) and Chia (XCH).

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